TINY Emtec Giga Cube USB2.0 Hard Drive 4GB£29.99 or  8GB £54.99

TINY Emtec Giga Cube USB2.0 Hard Drive 4GB£29.99 or 8GB £54.99

Found 23rd Oct 2006
Emtec Giga Cube USB2.0 Hard Drive 4GB£29.98 or £54.99

You have to see how small this is,its abit bigger than a 50p coin at a good price

This handy little portable storage device plugs directly into the USB port of your PC allowing you to save or drag and drop files directly onto it for safekeeping, sharing, storing or portability.

With up to 8GB capacity you can easily store large volumes of data, photos, music and more. Unlike USB pen drives which store your data on a micro chip, the EMTEC Gigacube stores your data on a miniature hard drive, much like the hard drive in your PC only much, much smaller, which should have greater durability than the flash memory of a pen drive.

The outer casing is made of soft black rubber for protection and the device is so small and light it will easily fit into your pocket.

Fully USB compatible, just plug and play in any computer with no need to install additional software.

Central LED blinks brightly during data transfer


Pocket size? Yes.

Only just a little bigger than a 50p? Only if you consider more than 4 times the area and probably 16 times the volume "only a bit bigger". This thing isn't going to go unnoticed on the average keyring!

And finally, how on earth can a micro hard drive with all it's tiny little delicate moving parts be more durable than a solid state silicon chip? Someone call the advertising standards.

That said, it's a nice price for a decent amount of highly portable storage. I just think the description is a *little* mis-leading.

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I've attached the details to the first post.

Thanks randall1uk ;-)

As you say Gazbert, not quite the right description maybe, but a good price :-D


£32.76 with HUKD discount and cheapest delivery option :-D

Maybe they mean the old 50p LOL

To be fair either they have removed the 50p reference or the OP added it, as their site doesnt have that first line at all. It has the pic comparing it to 50p coin of course....


Thanks randall1uk Good price for this
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