Tiramisu syrup sugar free! £4.99 @ TKMaxx

Tiramisu syrup sugar free! £4.99 @ TKMaxx

LocalFound 14th Jun 2015
Tiramisu sugar free syrup 750ml by the Figueroa brothers for £4.99! Ideal for gym bodybuilding folk on a low calorie diet that's use to Walden farms syrups! Oh and they had other flavours too. Brought from cortonwood Tk Max barnsley! Hope this helps someone!
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Saw this in the Ealing store today. Do they actually taste any good ?
I like it myself especially in coffee and deserts it's not tangy sweet with it being sugar-free but it depends on your own taste if you will like it or not to be honest!
Quite fancy this for coffee.
Funny you should post this, I just got back from impulse shopping a calorie free caramel syrup for coffee from tk maxx for £3.99, different brand . there was a selection of flavours and brands in silverburn tk maxx
The vanilla or caramel version is fab with vodka and diet coke! A bit sweet for some, but personally I love it
Great ideas!
Brilliant! I will have to have a look at my local branch. I am diabetic and miss out on the cocktails when we have barbecues etc - I like the idea of having it with diet coke and lashings of vodka lol!
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