Tiscali 8mb broadband, anytime phone calls, line rental and TV for £24.99 a month!

Tiscali 8mb broadband, anytime phone calls, line rental and TV for £24.99 a month!

Found 29th Aug 2007
Just found this and it seems like a great deal:

Up to 8Mb unlimited broadband*
Free UK & international anytime calls
Free phone line rental
TV Variety Pack - over 60 TV & radio channels
such as ITV2, Sky One and Paramount
Over 350 on demand programmes
Instant access to over 1,000 movies
Free 7 day BBC, C4 and FX catch up service

You get SkyOne, SkyTwo, SkyThree and Paramount comedy on the television package.

There is a free set top box, and a free wireless router and there is only £30 set up fee!

Monthly charge of £24.99 which includes line rental!

If you intend to take up this offer then please read the terms and conditions carefully, just in case i have missed anything major.


Just a word of warning, this company are one of the worst when it comes t servise. I have used them, and so have friends. They have the worst broadband servise (constant loss of signal), but the worst problems start when you want to cancel. The short of it, i cancelled a year & half ago, all of a sudden i get a bill, & apparantly i'm still with them. They won't take no for an answere.

So stay away...

They are a terrible company from my personal experience. Customer service is really bad and i was constantly getting booted from the net.

Interesting - this posting prompted me to (try to) read more about the Tiscali TV service. As is typical of Tiscali their website says very little about it - eg their demo is little more than a video window showing a TV programme - WOW I had always wondered what a TV programme looked like .

HOWEVER a precursor to the service was run as 'Homechoice' and their website is FULL of information including things like support/manuals which let you find out what the actual TV remote/menus etc experience looks like.


The only recent review I saw said nice idea but shame about the picture and sound quality as too much compression to get the pic down the phone wire :oops:

I add this just to help people understand what on earth Tiscali TV is as Tiscali don't bother to do so. And I can concur with others saying that Tiscali's admin systems and VERY foreign call centres can make you wonder why on earth you ever put your toe in the Tiscali sea. I'm sure they have many satisfied customers, but once things go wrong, they are probably a case study of how to create a poor customer experience there on. As I understand it : Tiscali (an Italian enterprise) were trying to flog off their UK operation, as they had done with many of their continental operations, but couldn't offload it, so are persevering with it.

What's the minimum period for this? Most of these deals require a new 12 month contract.

That's a very good offer though. Effectively freeview + sky 1 and 2, paramount 1 and 2 and a fair amount of on demand stuff to view. Plus broadband, line rental and all calls for £25. They only cover a few areas at the moment, but if they covered up here, I'd risk it. 12 month contract only as well.

I had a great time with tiscali until I changed banks and they forgot to amend my direct debit details. Next thing I'm getting warning letters that i haven't paid my bills. After many phone calls both to my new bank and tiscali they realised it was their fault so gave me 10% discount but still need to pay all previous months in one go, and set up my direct debit again!
Could have been better!

just to add my two pennies worth; I experienced loads of probs trying to cancel my BB contract with Tiscali. I asked them for a MAC to move to Sky BB. when received used the code and connected with Sky I believed that my contract with Tiscali would cancel automatically – little did I know. Even though I had a live and active BB connection with Sky my account with Tiscali was still active on there system. I had been disconnected with from there BB service because I could no longer connect – but apparently, even though I used a MAC to join Sky, you still have to cancel your account with Tiscali. I was later told that this is against OFCOM rules and that using a MAC is like using a PAC with a mobile telephone network – that when you join the new network (or BB provider in terms of a MAC) – the MAC/PAC automatically disconnects the service and forms the end of the agreement. It was only by chance that I called Tiscali to ask when my final bill would be that I realised they were still billing me and would be until I had given them notice to cancel! Very strange company. BTW I also experienced loads of connection drop outs. IMHO I would avoid Tiscali at ALL costs!

Worst Company Ever, They took months transferring are connection to a new house we moved in. Even then I never got it, we then cancelled it and all they could offer was a pety £10 compensation.

Keep Away..

Virgin Media Are The Ones To Be With

currently getting around 100kbps on my unlimited 8meg tiscali bb :-(

Just wanted to thank all you Guys and Gals for your feedback on this deal was a few clicks away from signing up as price seemed right.

I had a terrible time with tiscali broadband . I had 8 months of relatively good service then my broadband ended up slower than dial up and it restricted the sites i could use. After around 4pm until around 1am my broadband was virtually useless and the technical help available via their expensive phone line was, in my opinion , awful .
Personally i think they got too cheap and oversubscribed and thats when the problems started .
Anyone thinking of using tiscali should look at the issues being raised in the tiscali users forums ( broadband service support section )
When my years contract finished earlier this year i had real problems getting a migration code from them to move to another provider.

tiscali are gash, keep away from them. Id suggest virgin

All of these 'up to 8mb broadband' offers are just *****. You can get as low as 1mb permanently if you live far away from a junction box or you're on a busy one or your wiring is old etc.


No one ever gets the full maxed out 8Mb even if you live on top of the … No one ever gets the full maxed out 8Mb even if you live on top of the exchange - but you should get very good speeds if you do. But you can hardly blame any ISP if you live too far away to get a connection of 8MB. The only criticism would be that they tell you thats what you will get, even whan they know its BS. Unfortunately all the poor ISPs (Like Tiscali, Orange etc) employ sales drones that will lie throught their teeth. A good ISP like BE, will actually tell you what you should expect before you take it further.

They won't charge you for the speed they tell you though so it doesn't make much difference. Stick with cable and get what you pay for.

Original Poster

ok so there is a lot of Tiscali hate going on...is this just the old case of the people with the grudge making comments and the people who are happy just passing it by or is this a genuinely rounded response??

The cheapest alternative is TalkTalk and i can find just as worst reviews of them!!

Is there any chance of me getting cheap broadband??!?!?!

IMO all ISPs are fine until you get a problem. Its how they deal with the problem that sets them apart. From experience:

I've been on Tiscali for over 4 years now and have had one problem with them. Recently I found my ADSL Speed had dropped from 4.5meg to 0.9meg. This took them two months to fix as they had somewhow corrupted my account and couldn't get details as to what 'pipe' I was connected to. Once the account was fixed it took them a few days to move me back onto the correct pipe. I used their forums to stay in the loop as I think their phone customer support is rubbish. Never lost my connection though.

Friends TalkTalk connection took over two months to activate as although the ADSL was connected they had incorrectly activated the account so it would not connect. Phone support was rubbish, in the end I emailed their customer services 100 times(!) and the problem was resolved the following day.

My brother lost his Tiscali connection when BT dug up the road down from his house. Took them a whole week to fix that one.

Force9 deactivated a friends ADSL without telling him and then said they had been requested to do by BT (which they had not). No ADSL for over a month while that was sorted ...

I think it looks like a great offer (and I'll probably upgrade to it). I reckon that you'll find horror stories for ALL ISPs and a big operator like Tiscali will have a larger percentage of complaints simply because they have more customers.

You pays yer money...

The worst advice someone could of given me when I wanted a new ISP was join Tiscali.

Dreadful customer service (thats if you can even understand what language they are talking in).

Terrible speeds (sometimes it almost seemed like time had stopped it was running so slow). You lose patience after a while and end up just turning the computer off!

Constant connection dropping. You would actually have a smile on your face if you was connected longer than a couple of hours.

After I spent 6 months of my life phoning them pretty much everyday they still didn't have a solution to the problem. They just repeated themselves over and over and it was near impossible to explain you had already tried everything they said 4 times.

Finally I received an email saying I could leave without breaking my contract. Been with Eclipse ever since and have never had my line drop once.

Everyone i've ever spoke to have had constant problems but they make their packages seem very tempting. Although some people say they have had no problems i'd never even give this company one second thought with the amount of other isp's out there. Goodluck if you go for it :).
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