Tiscali Phone, TV and Broadband at bargain prices!

Tiscali Phone, TV and Broadband at bargain prices!

Found 8th May 2008
Tiscali Broadband and phone from as little as £4.49 a month!
Tiscali Broadband, Phone and TV from as little as £15.99 a month!!


Great offer, however bad experiences with tiscali broadband

Don't forget Quidco:thumbsup:
£25 for broadband sales
£30 for bundles
£40 for TV


Great offer, however bad experiences with tiscali broadband

me to they still trying to bill me i aint been with them for just over 6 months !

Don't touch Tiscali with a telescopic bargepole!. They are the worst ISP I have ever had to deal with. They have no effective customer support and you won't get speeds anything like what they advertise (HEAVILY throttle ALL customers between 3pm and 1am). Also this is one of these "for the first 3 months" scams, its really £12.99 per month for super slow 8meg. If you think I'm lying or exaggerating go have a look at their support forums.

Check out O2 for genuinely good, cheap, unthrottled, unlimited broadband and fantastic free 24hr UK customer support. I get unlimited 16meg for 10 quid a month and I think its not much more for non o2 phone users.

No amount of quidco and offers makes up for poor customer service and shoddy delivery.

Steer clear!!!! Took me a year of letters, emails and phone calls to get even part of the £180 back they took from my account by mistake. And I had to fight hard for it. Absolutely DREADFUL customer services. I ended up accepting £100 as I was losing the will to live. And I know of maaaaaaaannnnnnny others who've been tiscalied. You have been warned!

I must have been the lucky one. Been with them for over 2 years - never had a problem with connection or speed or unlimited downloads - never needed to use customer service. Given heat and rep!!!!!

Speak as you find, been with Tiscali just over 3 months and so far so good.
£14.99 a month for Line rental & BB.

They told me I would receive around 5.5mb but I only manage 3mb, don't know if its Tiscali or my distance from the exchange.

Billing very good just log onto the website and all the charges are there with full itemised billing, I think I could say good and bad things about most companies.

Tiscali are far from perfect but also far from the most expensive, just be prepared if things do go wrong.

Quidco tracked and was paid within 3 months (£30)

My experience with Tiscali was dreadful but to be fair this was about two years ago, they may have improved their service since. However, I would not go back now, there are too many other good offers around.

tiscali are murder , never mind only 11 months to go :x

I need to change my provider and was going to go with Tiscali, Now I think I will give it a miss, Anybody recommend anyone? I only use the internet for Shopping and Emails, No downloads etc....I would like good customer service and a low price.


I - never needed to use customer service.

Ah but if you ever needed to then you will wish you had heeded the warnings!



I must have been the lucky one. Been with them for over 2 years - never … I must have been the lucky one. Been with them for over 2 years - never had a problem with connection or speed or unlimited downloads - never needed to use customer service. Given heat and rep!!!!!

yeah same here, no problems either :thumbsup:

contract connection 2mbps, actual connection only gave 512kbps, when tried to call their customer service put on hold for 40mins, no reply to emails, after 18months having a war with them eveentually stopped direct debit. NEVER AGAIN!


Been with Tiscali for over 2 years now and I have never had a problem. I would recommend them to anyone.

Tiscali? Nothing but problems, the whole 12 months. "NEVER AGAIN".

They threatened to take me to court for cancelling the direct debit mandate.

I wouldn't have minded, but my contract had been cancelled 3 months.

Been with them for 4-5 years, not really had a problem with them. Transferred broadband to another line without a hitch. Use it for PS3 and torrents without an issue. Same with any company, some have good experiences some have bad. BT and Sky are definately on my bad list at the moment.

I agree with most of what has been said here already. Tiscali have a name for providing cheap internet and phone services and if they ever increase their prices, most customers will leave at the earliest opportunity.

There is now another problem, Tiscali are trying to find someone to buy their UK operation and I doubt if that will be good for the customers in either the short or long term.

Was with Tiscali over 4 years, the prices are good but their customer service is awful. As long as you don't have anything break down you'll be fine. Our moden stopped working, it took 6 weeks for a new one to come as they kept sending it to the wrong address, then took a year to get a refund for the 6 weeks we couldn't use the net and the £22 I spent in phoning them. Their English is ok as long as they stick to their script!

The TV service is fantastic when it works ! I was homechoice customer and it was fantastic, never had a problem with the TV or Internet. Then Tiscali came along and I had a few issues, they tried to change everything and the service was appalling so I quit! They were truly shocking.

No probs for me, been with them since the beginning (2001?).

I would not touch these jokers with a barge pole.

I joined them in April 2006 and had a really good service until we moved the following August. It then took over two months to move my broadband connection about half a mile in the same town. Numerous phone calls to India to try and resolve the problems and differing "advice" each time.

Back in January 2008 I had problems with my phone line with not being able to receive calls nor make calls. I reported the fault through the customer care e-mail address and heard nothing but then after a week or so my phone line started working so I assumed that it had been fixed.

I finally left Tiscali on 27th February 2008 and they are trying to claim that I owe them money for the line rental for 1st March to 30th March for broadband provision! I have contested this through letters to them but surprisingly I have not had a reply.

Also on 1st April (quite an apt day) I received an e-mail from them regarding the fault I had raised three months earlier about not being able to receive calls or make calls. They apologised for not looking at this earlier but if I was still having problems (bearing in mind my initial problem) I could call them on 08......

If you have no problems with the service then Tiscali are ok. If you need to speak to them or need them to do anything then you have two hopes.

Stay Away!!

I'm trying to escape as we speak
having total nightmares with them, so awful its unbelievable

If I ever escape i wouldnt go back even if they paid me each month
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