Tiscali TV, Phone & Broadband £19.99 Per Month + £100 Quidco cashback !

Tiscali TV, Phone & Broadband £19.99 Per Month + £100 Quidco cashback !

Found 28th Nov 2009
Tiscali TV
Tiscali Phone
Tiscali Broadband

£19.99 Per Month + £100.00 Quidco Cashback !


might seem a bargain with £100 cahback. But don't touch Tiscali with a barge pole.

Just wait till you need to speak to tech support or have been over charged on your bill and need to speak to billing. I left them years ago and I'm still waiting for the extra month they overcharged!!!!!!!!

It got to the stage were the premuim rate calls I was having to make cost me more than what they overcharged me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Initially I had problems with Tiscali but only when I went wireless.Apart from that its been cheap and no problems, they are now Talk Talk but so far so good.I even got my sister to sign up a couple of years ago, £25 and unlimited broadband ,line rental, and calls!!

Nobody can beat that, and she has never had any problems!!

Also when I did call customer support I told them I wanted the money back for the call to them, which they took off my bill !

Leave well alone ,Tiscali will steal a disproportionate amount of your life.

Tiscali TV is fantastic, been with Tiscali Tv for over a year with no problems what so ever.

The on demand and channels for price is second to none.

You get Sky One on basic bundle, great for Lost fans!

Tiscali+ box also connects via HDMI and upscales to 1080i.

Highly recommended, we much prefer to Sky.

Only available to those in unbundled exchanges.



Only available to those in unbundled exchanges.

Which isn't me :-(

Don't touch Tiscali with a big stick,I still regret it.
You have been warned.

£11.66 a month after cashback is taken off for Line rental, Weekend Calls, Upto 8mb Broadband and TV STB + Sky channels/on demand is a total steal!

Don't let people put you off Tiscali I have found them to be good and things are meant to get better now TalkTalk have bought them.

Been with Tiscali since 06/09 with No problems!:w00t:
This is a really good deal. I got £35 quidco at the time and was paid quickly.

im also with tiscali and have been for 4 years - £19.99 , which includes line rental , broadband and all landline calls anytime is what im on on and have no problems with them

Picture quality of sky channels are far superior to when we used to have Sky, reckon it must be because they come down your phone line. Freeview channels are also higher quality through Tiscali TV at MHEG5. Kids get there own kiddies remote, that only allows them to view kids channels which is a nice touch!

Don't sign up to Tiscali the worst company ever ,canceling or getting through to them about anything (apart form calling them to sign up) is a nightmare you will regret it if it is a good deal.
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