Tiso Sale - Arcteryx, Mountain Hardware, Haglofs
Tiso Sale - Arcteryx, Mountain Hardware, Haglofs

Tiso Sale - Arcteryx, Mountain Hardware, Haglofs

You don't often see these in a sale. Limited sizes though


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New shop just opened up here.
Wife was up to have a gander.
She said she never seen so many people going around with their jaws's hitting the floor.
At the Astronomical prices of everything.!!

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you get what you pay for - sometimes ;o)

These are not cheap brands. But if you need ultralight high performance then it costs.

Quidco say 6% for Tiso - but I bought a rope a few months ago and the investigation is still going on.

Arc'teryx whilst expensive is especially good kit, the upper echelons of perfection for hard mountain conditions whilst being light & capable, moving well with the body.
to step down a level look for Orage (more within folks price range & some pieces available via tkmaxx)
We kit our nipper out in Orage for her ski-ing in Canada, very capable it is too & the jackets highly recommended (survived 2-3 years of being dragged along the floor & looks as good as new)
blooming warm, all the bells & whistles.
Arc'teryx is worth it to those wishing to use it outside of drinking at the bar!

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Never heard of Orage - will keep an eye out in the Maxx for that one. Another good one in the Maxx is Cloudveil...

Orage is a good canadian brand (as I recall) nice & technical, the thin ski /boarding tops worn next to the skin are superb, all I need as a layer, plus jacket when out in the worst weather has to throw, (eg -25-40 degrees in a storm)
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