Titan ae DVD £2.99 delivered at HMV (poss Quidco)
Titan ae DVD £2.99 delivered at HMV (poss Quidco)

Titan ae DVD £2.99 delivered at HMV (poss Quidco)

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Spectacular animation, combining two- and three-dimensional techniques with stunning special effects, is TITAN A.E.'s mark of distinction. Directors Don Bluth and Gary Goldman (ANASTASIA) make their first foray into science fiction with this film, which is the first U.S.-produced animated science fiction film in more than 20 years.
The story is a classic bildungsroman, following the journey of Cale, a young man who holds the destiny of humankind in his hand--literally. Opening with the stunning destruction of earth as seen from space, the film launches the audience into a seamlessly imagined universe in which the alien Drej have turned humans into homeless emigres, searching desperately for a new world. Cale (voiced by Matt Damon) is haunted by the legacy of his father, who abandoned him but created the spaceship Titan, which holds the key to the new home of humankind. With the plan for Titan imprinted in his hand, Cale is swept from a life of lonely drudgery devoid of female companionship into the colorful crew of mysterious Captain Korso (voiced by Bill Pullman). On the Valkyrie ship, Cale enjoys Korso's crew, including the kind, beautiful, and expert woman pilot Akima (voiced by Drew Barrymore) along with a strange but fascinating band of aliens.


A fantastic film.

I really love Don Bluth's style of animation. I have done since the Dragon's Lair games.

I love this film, great price, thanks.

Grabbed this for £3 in Sainsbug last week

Great film, Akima is hot for a cartoon!

Certain aspects of the setting are similar to Serenity. As is the writer....
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