Titan Quest (PC) £1.79 Delivered @ The Game Collection

Titan Quest (PC) £1.79 Delivered @ The Game Collection

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77/100 on metacritic

£3.85 @ Shopto


Quite fun. If you have the time, worth getting.

One of the best Diablo clones, and easily worth this price.

Absolutely loved this game. It's good to get it with the expansion though as its difficult to get the expansion cheap on its own. Also sometimes offer on Steam.


Getting a bit long in the tooth and was also part of the excellent 'thq pack' on steam for around £25 for a whole bunch of games.
At this price it's definately worth getting.

Absolute bargain, as stated above, if you like Diablo type games, this should be on the top of your list. Buy it before it sels out! I paid about £8 on amazon for both this and the expansion so see if you can buy this from here then get the expansion too.
Nothing like beating Medusa up then killing a cyclops

is it keyboard only, anyone know if xbox360 controller is compatible?


Thanks again, goonertillidie! Another excellent deal that we've featured on Dealspwn, HUKD's gaming blog.

great game! bought this yesterday from computer exchange (cex) for £3 without seeing it on here first.

they had the expansion for £2 which i may go back and get


Not sure if you can use just keyboard but I used mouse to click and I think a couple of keyboard shortcuts to take potion etc..been a while since I played it tho.
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