TITAN TTB653SDS CORDED SDS PLUS DRILL 230-240V £49.99 @ Screwfix

TITAN TTB653SDS CORDED SDS PLUS DRILL 230-240V £49.99 @ Screwfix

Found 16th Aug 2017
Deal of the day . Free click n collect.

Powerful SDS plus drill with magnesium gearbox and mechanical safety clutch. Supplied with auxiliary handle, drill bits, chisels and carry case.

Drill, Hammer Drill & Chisel
Max. Impact Energy: 8J
Anti-Vibration System
Mechanical Safety Clutch
Magnesium Gearbox
Variable Speed
Replaceable Carbon Brushes
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Im on the app. Can a mod add a pic and lower case the title? Thx
Been this price for long a time before.
linhang906 h, 28 m ago

Been this price for long a time before.

​so. deal of the day.
Have to be carefull with these inadverdantly put in drill mode not chisel,thing wizzed round just missing face as it caught in brickwork.Mind might of improved it.
I think the QC on these is very low, probably something silly like 1 in every 4 or 5 will have a problem, I first got one and Hammer mode didn't activate, took it back, 2nd one lasted a few hours of chisseling then decided it wouldn't turn on anymore, that said I've had the 3rd for 6 months now and it's been fine... Though haven't used it properly for a few months now lol... Just be cautious, I'd deffo go DeWalt or something like that next time...
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I had one to take the tiles and plaster of my bathroom walls. It has since lifted all the tiles in the kitchen and cut a 2 meter channel in concrete path. Still going strong. You can't compare this to dewalt it's diy only.
I bought the larger Kango type, has dug out 80m2 of 150mm concrete, a large outside wall, and about 15m2 of outdoor concrete path. Still going strong.
had one of these for a few years now - done everything from breaking concrete to core drilling with no issues at all.

If you can find a DeWalt that will do 8J impact energy for anything approaching this price then go for it - but you won't. Even a 2J SDS from a trade-type brand runs double what they sell these for. And if they break take them back and get a new one.

Be warned though - it's heavy and very powerful. Not really any use for drilling small holes around the house as the imapct energy is really high!
I had one of these. The clutch to rotate the chuck snapped, so it could only be used a chisel. Ended up stripping it down to see how it worked lol. It was powerful enough for everything i needed it for.
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Bought one of these for £60 about a year ago to strip plaster off a wall. Also used it to clean up some old bricks. Really powerful piece of kit, goes through plaster like butter!
I think the deal is over now.
Lidl have a SDS drill on at £40 this week. 5j, rather than 8, but good enough for most DIY jobs.
Just checked and it's now £59.99
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