Titanfall 2 PC Key (Origin) - £17.09 with 5% FB Code @ CDKeys

Titanfall 2 PC Key (Origin) - £17.09 with 5% FB Code @ CDKeys

Found 25th Feb 2017
Cheapest it's been I think.

I paid £25 for it and still haven't played the single player campaign yet...
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brilliant game worth this price
I think this is the cheapest it's been? Hawt!
Been waiting for this to drop again, hot!
Great price - finally went for it.
Very tempted...
Best price I've seen. Promised myself £15 but it's pretty close
I strongly suggest you get this game.

The single player, whilst short is on the level of games like Half Life 2! The level "cause and effect" is worth the £17 alone.
Cheers op..couldn't resist at this price... ordered Ta.
Great game and recently updated to help with the lower player counts. Not an issue unless you want to play an obscure game mode at 2am.
HOT HOT HOT. Great game at a fantastic price.
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Had to send my GPU off so going to wait another 2 weeks and see if it drops a bit more.
Think I'll have it at this price cheers. Hot. Let of some steam Bennett. Ahhhh Commando... Classic Arnie.
waiting for a cheap xbox one/ps4 price
absolute bargain, better than battlefield 1 in my opinion
Sadly expired. Price has increased to £21.99 (£20.89 with code).
It is back to 17.09

Go for it
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