Titanfall 2 PS4 and XBox 1 -£28 at Tesco in-store today
Titanfall 2 PS4 and XBox 1 -£28 at Tesco in-store today

Titanfall 2 PS4 and XBox 1 -£28 at Tesco in-store today

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Needs no words, if you're impatient and worried about stock at HMV. Can always return if you pick up a cheaper deal tomorrow.


Hot Op. Much easier to get to a Tesco for most people.

£8 more than hmv though?

not the cheapest, but by far the easiest, I'd hang on for someone to price match tomorrow, I guarantee Amazon or someone will at least drop this to £25


£8 more than hmv though?

For me my nearest HMV is it the town centre, Wolverhampton. So would have to pay to park. Amazon will more than likely price match Tesco. So if your a Prime customer, even less hassle imo. Hot.
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Wait a day to potentially save £8 surely. John lewis rumoured to be price matching hmv. Definitely see amazon doing it.

supposed to be £19.99 tomorrow in hmv and John Lewis.

Get those thermals on, brosef

As i dont have HMV in my town and tesco really close hot mate.


supposed to be £19.99 tomorrow in hmv and John Lewis.

It's not going to be £20 in JL, people are hoping they'll price match HMV.

cold as from tomorrow odds are a few places will have it at £20, good odds that amazon will price match HMV so no hassle of leaving the house and fighting through queues on black Friday

Cheers bud. Saved me going into the city herding through the sheep, to find out hmv only had 6 copies and the staff have all bought them before the store even opend.

Conspiracy theories everywhere..

HMV have one copy...

Can't wait a day and just see??

Honestly? If that's the case you are on the wrong site.

Original Poster

Good job I put my vest on today Like many I don't have time to chance HMV's instore stock levels tomorrow so this, today, is the next best price. If Amazon price match HMV tomorrow then i'll be ordering and returning this one.

Going to tesco now, if I find none there a this price I am gonna unleash hell OP!

Liar! Just been and its £46! Wtf man

Edit: scanned as £28! My apologies

You never get a second chance to make a first impression...

True, tho it WAS 46 quid on display

And was told it was 46 by staff it's only after scanning... Oh and they don't price match they told me

do I get from tesco ( 3 lads and me to get one for) knowing they have stock but it costing £116
or wait and hope amazon price match ....
come on amazon I have 4 to buy. I would take a hit of 8 quid but 32 quid ? no thanks
voted hot as they will have stock and still cheaper than most places
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1p cheaper at sainsbury just in case that's nearer than yesco

Guessing I'll use that £4 off a £30 spend for once that I randomly got with my receipt this week. Unless games aren't allowed!

Edit: Games are allowed
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