Titanfall (PC) Digital Download £14.99  through Origin Store

Titanfall (PC) Digital Download £14.99 through Origin Store

Found 28th Oct 2014
Titanfall for PC through the Origin store for £14.99. A few quid cheaper than elsewhere.

Digital Deluxe version for £24.74 too.
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+ 35GB of compulsory sound samples to install.


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+ 35GB of compulsory sound samples to download.NISCH.

Freddie Mercury


Freddie Mercury


i know its been mentioned before,but if you use Hola,you can get it cheap on the mexico origin site,the season pass is also very cheap!!
Is this game actually worth buying now it is a bit cheaper? I wasn't overly interested so didn't bother. For £15 I might give it a shot if there is still a decent community playing it?
It's a fantastic FPS but lack of a single player campaign is a downer (coming from BF4 fan and COD hater) basically the new COD due soon is ripping off all the ideas from Titanfall, so that says a lot to me.


Utter LIES by the game devs really, since everybody knows HD audio cards on motherboards have been up to the task for about 7 years now, and any dedicated ones wouldn't even blink at playing the audio.... so just who were the 0.01% of low spec PCs that can run this based on having a good audio card and have junk CPU and GPU / RAM??? never laughed so hard in my life, it is just bloat to put off pirates.

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It's half this price on Indian Origin bud. … It's half this price on Indian Origin bud. http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/origin-halloween-sale-hola-plugin-chrome-cheap-titanfall-bf4-2035229

That's a cracking deal, Origin are - once again - being a right PITA about taking my money for Titanfall & BF4 though.
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