Titanic Plum Porter £1.49 @ Lidl

Titanic Plum Porter £1.49 @ Lidl

Found 24th Nov 2015
I bought 16 bottles of these at 1.49 per bottle. This offer is national. I've only had this beer on draught before.

Please note this offer is only available in-store.
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I hope this is national. Had it on draught and it was wonderful, a bit like pudding.
This is one of the finest ales i have ever had.Smoking hot for the sheer quality of the ale.Unfortunately there are no lidls near me. Fortunately there is a Titanic owned pub in my own town.
It's national! Cleared the shelf
I've had on draught before never out a bottle.
Best served with ice....
Just drank 2 bottles of it, it went down well!!!!

Just drank 2 bottles of it, it went down well!!!!

Thanks for this post. Had this a couple of years ago, been after it ever since :-)
Just off to Lidl to get some food in, will have look out for these, see if I get lucky.
Got 10 bottles today in Shelf, Halifax store. Had around 60 left.

Love the stuff, not as good in bottles as it is from the cask but still a cracking beer.
My Mrs loves it on draught but not in bottles. There's a bitter aftertaste in the bottled version.
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