Tixylix Baby & Child Monitor with night light - £7.99 @ Lloyds Pharmacy in-store !

Tixylix Baby & Child Monitor with night light - £7.99 @ Lloyds Pharmacy in-store !

Found 8th Sep 2008
Tixylix® Baby & Child Monitor and 7 other items are reduced to £7.99 @ Lloyds pharmacy. Brilliant price if you're looking to buy a baby monitor on budget.

The Tixylix® Baby & Child Monitor is a listening device with two parts: a transmitter and a receiver. If you place the transmitter near your little ones bed and keep the receiver close to you, you can hear them when youre in another room.

The child unit has a night light to soothe and comfort your little one as they go to sleep, and the parent unit has a light display which shows you if they stir, even if you have the sound turned off.

LED Sound Indicator
Comforting Night-Light
2 Channels
Fully Portable
Volume Control
Range of up to 100 metres
Mains or Battery Operated
Includes 2 Mains Adaptors
For Babies and Children of up to 3 years of age
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great price - thanks
I bought these for both my new grandchildren, Lets just say you get what you pay for!! They are both replacing them.They buzz quite loudly
These work perfectly, crystal clear and pick up every tiny noise. Obviously when it comes to baby, manufacturers know that parents are willing to pay extortionate prices for other models that do exactly the same thing!:oops:
like knitwitnanny says, you get what you pay for! Not worth skimping on something that involves your childs safety and your sanity!! These buzz like mad.:x
We have these.

They work well but make a right noise. v annoying when your watching t.v lol :-D
They work on old technology, we did have a set but took them back, we now have BT ones thay work on DECT signals and are crystal clear
very good price, but had to take mine back due to the constant annoying buzzing. Just like Deanos, I would also recommend going for DECT sets.
I have these, the buzz was so loud it drove me nuts. Never really needed them but as my baby had been in NICU i bought them. On the plus side the childs one is a very handy night light. I was told mine buzz as our home network is wireless but not sure if thats true or not. Luckily I have very good ears. True to say you get what you pay for.
hello i want to buy Tixylix baby monitor can u tell me where form i buy it.
Thank you
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