tizer 6pack cans BOGOF 1.99 @ Morrisons

tizer 6pack cans BOGOF 1.99 @ Morrisons

Found 21st Jul 2008
i thought this was pretty cheap for tizer, less than 20p a can.


Aaah Tizer - bought some the other day for a 70's blast from the past but now it hasnt got all the artificial stuff in it it doesnt taste as good - typical.
Good deal though any can of drink is 50p + now - Voted HOT!

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yeah i'm glad u said that. refresh your head with tizer head, sure it had more of a freaky kick to it. though must say does taste nice as its own drink but not like the original, or even like the one on shelfs like 3years ago.

but bargain i thought, saves my other hald spending out on a bottle of lovely healthy cherry coke every day, unhealthy sod ha ha

i might just pick some up.
i cant even remember how they taste its been so long

I didn't know they still made this! Enjoy.


good deal. except it tastes horrible now

good deal if you like the stuff, personally i think its mingin!!

Good deal, used to like this drink, tried it recently and it's all bitter tasting now

It does amuse me that the comments all seem to say:

"Great deal. Shame it tastes horrible."

I'd have thought that'd be a key problem in a soft drink.
Anyhow, when did they change the logo?
I may be thinking back 9 years thinking about it.

It doesn't matter. Happy Tuesday.

Tizer used used taste really good. This stuff is rotten, tastes horrible. Nothing like the Tizer of old

I agree its nasty. Gone are the days of the amazing purple tizer and we are now left with this

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to be honest first time i bought a can (this design) i wondered if it was a different drink. the red bottlles with the tizer head on were totally weird, in a good way, but i think the drinks alright if u just dont think of it as tizer. [IMG][/IMG]

bit like if u eat a parsnip having been told its a potato, errhh puts you off cos you were expecting a different taste

Bring back Tizer Ice!!!

this tastes like that mountain dew drink they had out years ago

Nothing like the Tizer i had when i was a kid

Good find, Heat added

By the way, I love them, too. :P
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