TK Maxx 90% sale starts on 26 December at 9:00 AM

TK Maxx 90% sale starts on 26 December at 9:00 AM

Found 24th Dec 2008
all the tk maxx stores across the uk will have a massive sale of up to 90% sale.
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Followed your link- no mention of a 90% sale.
where did you hear this?
Another 'up to' yawn?
Blinding! Heat added, theres a jacket I've been after for ages in there, lets hope theres discounts!
Is this the one where they gradually increase the discount over several days until eventually what's left (usually complete ****) is marked at 90% off ?
the sale start on boxing day and i think its just 90% straight from boxing day so all the good things are going to be sold fasstt. my mate works in tk maxx and he told me because he has to work on christmas day at tk maxx just putting the prices on the clothes etc :santa:
thanks, ill let me mum know coz she loves tkmaxx! lol
me too the toys are great!
come on people vote it hot so other people can c
Of course not everything will be reduced by 90%. It will most definitely be 'up to 90%', and anything reduced this much will be stuff that they have been struggling to move for a long time. And it obviously won't be the whole store!

TK Maxx has always got a large clearance line, sometimes with reductions by about 90%, and everything else is technically reduced compared to normal prices elsewhere anyway.

I'll definitely be taking a look anyway!
Lies. Been to two today and same broken rubbish they had reduced before Xmas.
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