TK Maxx Designer Wedding Dresses from £39.99

TK Maxx Designer Wedding Dresses from £39.99



hot... perfect for a shot gun wedding
I have a dress but the Armani is gorgeous (from what I can see on the iPhone), if I had a spare £400 I'd change mine lol
If I seen my wife walking down the aisle with this monstrosity on I will tell her to keep walking. I am not big into wedding dresses but I know 99 percent of the stuff tkmakks sell is howling and most sizes only accommodate American burger lovers .
Just got mine on ebay.... the auction ones end up selling at around the £30 mark
And they say romance is dead.
Do they do these in men's sizes?
Don't tell the bride.
[quote=Soong]And they say romance is dead.[/

money = romance?

or could two people committing their lives to each other come rain or shine not be about blowing as much cash as possible?

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