TK Maxx up to 80% Clearance Sale

TK Maxx up to 80% Clearance Sale

Found 24th Dec 2014
I was just on the TK Maxx website and came across there up to 80% Clearance Sale. There seems to be some good offers on. Below is a list of the sale categories.

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The majority of their items are seconds. I've been in quite a few shops and you have to check everything. I have picked up quite a few bargains but wouldn't risk buying without looking first.
always clearance online. rrps are vastly inflated too. I find clearance lines are poor quality own brand lines.
Lol, I remember a few months ago we picked up a pair of shorts in TK Maxx and the price was more than the original price on the label underneath....when we queried it they said they shouldn't have been on sale and refused to sell them to us, another joke company.
Wow! so much to look at and very little to get excited about. I agree, vastly inflated RRPs and in reality not much discount.
i just got a schott leather jacket for £96! last one too , exactly what i was looking for in terms of style. very happy

thanks for posting op
I don't want to sound off here but most of the prices I have checked are no different to normal TK Maxx prices?? Cheap enough I know but still no different. Like Leather gloves for £26? still a lot of money for most people. £16 for a Christmas jumper when Primark had them for £7.50 and then things like dodgy dressing gowns for £20... Hmmm nothing to be writing on here about I would say sorry. Thanks for spending the time to post though.
I agree with you@pbatey7
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