TKMaxx sale on sale

TKMaxx sale on sale

Found 27th Jan 2010
tk maxx are having a massive clear out i know at blackpool store think its everywhere else though the sale includes all sorts like most tee-shirts £3 jackets for a fiver and eletricals money sorter around £20 not around £8 all sorts shirts womans handbags purses everything and as i work there i know it goes even cheaper day by day untill saturday but not by a great deal around £2 so grab it now while its still there :P


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defo worth a check out people was taking there clothes in bin bags :0 its that cheap

if i wanted to go to a jumble sale i would lol..............................................

^^ Imo a moronic statement

Maybe its just my 3 edinburgh stores that are now rubbish but theres never any good menswear nowadays,just overpriced junk no one else can shift.

Heat added,maybe its edinburgh`s branches that are rubbish nowadays?:roll:

Got a £120 aerobed for £15 in Basingstoke yesterday, had been reduced several times. Well happy that I'll have something to sleep on for a few days when I move house!

The WORST shop in the whole world!

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there is bad stuff but they have some alright stuff too well they do in my local store sell jackets from jd and stuff


The WORST shop in the whole world!

You are talking thro your large rear end my friend.

I always used to avoid the place like the plague never put a foot in the place for years - but when I did & picked up an excellent jacket from a quality brand for next to nothing then I was converted.

Its true there's plenty of tat & crap that they have bought in & cant shift for love nor money - but if you are prepared to expend a little energy - then there are some gems to be found.

Here's an example I popped in with a friend today and picked up a very smart Shredz snowboarding jacket for £11 in their final clearance sale which they say ends friday - rrp over £140 - they were selling them a month or to back for £100

Its a brilliant jacket and £11 what a bargain & I've had loads of other bargains in the past like that just by having a look now & again whats in or reduced to clear.


Got some amazzzing bargains from the Oldham store. £95 RRP cufflinks for £4 and £3. I check the designer's website and they actually are in that region.

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unsure of end day i think its saturday but i saw some good electrical stuff and the knitwear is allmost all good as its mainly by top makes so not bad at all

I know the shops are usually a complete state (although never as bad a primark at the end of a busy day) and stock is hit and miss but its an excelent place to nab a bargain if you have the patience. Anyway bagged a pair of Nike ACG walking sandels, puma running shoes and Macbeth slipons all for £3 each and a pair of craghoppers trousers for £5 in the final reductions or clearance clearance or whatever they have called the sale mentioned by the op.

Also bought a pair of 60" waist trousers for £3 because they are so unbelievably enourmous we got 3 people in them yesterday

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lmao at above comment

I will have to take some pics and put them up

went in today and picked up a few bargain! High heels for 70p! And many more, was like a jumble sale but well worth it!

anybody know those on red stickers will get reduce any further?

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yea if they have a red sticker they should get reduced at least once maybe more in the store i work out there is at least 3 yellow stickers on top


yea if they have a red sticker they should get reduced at least once … yea if they have a red sticker they should get reduced at least once maybe more in the store i work out there is at least 3 yellow stickers on top

thanks for reply
will there be anything left on monday? from newcastle x

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have no idea most likly not though
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