Posted 29 January 2023

TM Lewin Men's Shirts from £13.50 in sale (£4.95 delivery or free for a £100 spend) @ TM Lewin

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About this deal

A nice variety of shirts down to £13.50 at TMLewin with a good amount of sizes still available - cheaper than they were during the Black Friday/Post Christmas sales! Filter the price from low to high to see what's available.

A few examples below:

4077839_1.jpgFitted Blue Dobby Shirt

4077839_1.jpgMax Cool Slim Fit White Elephant Trim Shirt

4077839_1.jpgOptical Check Slim Fit Plum Single Cuff Shirt

Delivery is £4.95 but if your order is over £100 it's free. Returns are also free if you want to order more than one size.
TM Lewin More details at TM Lewin
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    I find these sales shirts to be far inferior quality to those I’ve paid full price for.

    Always go for fitted, non iron.
    Agreed, never buy a TM lewin (or charles tyrwhitt) shirt that isnt non iron, they are an absolute pig to iron and crease in seconds of wear- they be as well be made of cheesecloth.
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    Perfect to go with my navy suit for war.
    deployed to ships?
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    Are these shirts still quite baggy, I’ve only had the super fitted and even those are quite loose and I don’t have a gym physique?
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    They must be struggling with so many still working from home, no need to wear a nice shirt, good price though.
    Agree. I work from home and barely change my underwear or wash let alone put on a shirt. I don't think it'll be long before this company gets wound up fully.
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    I remember when you could walk around London and the landscape behind you repeated itself like a 1980s side-scrolling computer game....TM Lewin, EE Store, Pret...TM Lewin, EE Store, Pret...

    Happy days. Now it's just boarded up units and american candy stores.
    Sad, but true
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    I’ve just clicked on the white shirt in OP and it mentions available with different length sleeves! I’ve never seen that before!
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    Does the blue one come with the tie?
    No, I think it's just the shirt.
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    Anyway to filter to just non-iron? Can't seem to see it on the left hand side
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    In my experience, Charles Tyrwhitt shirts are better than these - both the fabric used and the non iron effect.

    The ones in my size are £18 and above. (edited)
    I'm the opposite, started off with C.T but after trying TM ones they are much better size, also feel, longevity similar.
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    These any good vs Charles Tyrwhitt shirts?
    Similar imho. CT usually is better material. TM typically better fit (for me anyway). Always go non-iron, anything else is a headache.
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    Good spot OP - haven't updated my shirts in a while and I find TM Lewin is always good quality. Time for a wardrobe refresh!
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    None of these shirts have the handy pocket on the front

    Cold from me
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    TM lewin are awful to deal with in my experience, customer service is greatly lacking, took several months to refund returns.

    As other people have said charles tyrwhitt are much better quality wise and the customer service is great, but recently when ordering from Charles tyrwhitt I have found that the cut seems different from past shirts, I don't know if it's just me or have other people noticed this too?
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    Good find. TM Lewin shirts are better fits than Twyritt's IMO. Really miss them on the high street.