Tmnt Lego sets reduced from £2.50 @ Tesco instore

Tmnt Lego sets reduced from £2.50 @ Tesco instore

Found 2nd Oct 2014
Tmnt Lego sets scanning cheap
£30 set scanning at £7.50
£20 set scanning £5.00
£13 set scanning £3 and the
£10 set scanning at £2.50 so £73 worth of Lego for jst £18 plenty left in prescot store.
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Er... Some more details would be nice. What is 'prescot store' for starters?
Presumably Tesco?
what lego sets please examples
Already posted
receipt ?
OP, vefore the raptors start tearing you apart you may want to consider adding a location/website to the title and company
Great prices what shop?
Question is, is this deal nationwide?
Did you buy any?
I had Lego Creator 3 in 1 sets for £2.50 each from £10 at the Tesco Extra in Treforest, South Wales, they were in the clearance/seasonal aisle
Tesco or Sainsburys I'll bet
sunbury Tesco full price.
we're these yellow sticker reductions?
It's tesco and it's T-rawket set, mutant chamber, kerrand lab escape and karai bike escape
I tried two tesco 's full price for me too
I got the mutant Chamber for £ 10 and the Karai bike escape for £6 this morning Tesco, Bidston.
Full price in Talbot Green.
Got 2 bikes for £6 each at wath tesco.
It was in tesco prescot I'll try find reciept if not I will give you product code
Great find for you
none in Wath tesco
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