Tmnt shellraiser £7.50 instore at Tesco

Tmnt shellraiser £7.50 instore at Tesco

Found 8th Jan 2015
Tmnt shellraiser £7.50 instore at Tesco reduced from £39.99! I wouldn't pay the £39.99 but happy at £7.50 although had to add the million stickers myself


Paid £30 for this 2 weeks ago

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Other TMNT was reduced if you wanted add to your collection cheaply x

Good price for what you would normally pay, so heat added for the deal.

However our boys have got one of these and it's the worst toy they've got by far - and they've got a lot of crap. It's made from flimsy nasty plastic, the gun falls off and the missile gets stuck in it. Shame as they love TMNT but this is a piece of tat.

great find my son loves his that I paid just over £20 for before Christmas x

What store?

I got my toys r us to price match this price last time Tesco reduced them. worth a go if your tesco hasn't got this in stock

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Longton Tesco Stoke on Trent

£15 in my local
Scanned to check
Hoping it drops there too

I think I'll go and have a look Thankyou!! My son loves his toy! His guns all work perfectly the only thing I would moan about is having to sit there for an hour adding 1000 stickers to the bloody truck haha
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