TMNT Smash Up (Wii) £9.99 delivered @ Amazon
TMNT Smash Up (Wii) £9.99 delivered @ Amazon

TMNT Smash Up (Wii) £9.99 delivered @ Amazon

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* FIGHT AS YOUR FAVORITE TMNT CHARACTERS - Play as any of the well known or less known TMNT characters, and fight any characters, each with unique acrobatic moves, weapons and combat skills. Heroes or villains, you can play them all and live breathtaking acrobatic ninja combats of your favorite comic, TV and movie TMNT characters.
* SHARE THE FUN - Not only can you take a journey into the world of the ninjas turtles through the story mode, but you can also challenge your friends on your Wii or online in a variety of modes, including tournament, battle royal, winner stays, loser stays, and more.
* ITS A SHELL OF A BRAWL - Over-the-top ninja action, smack-talking gameplay will ensure hours of fun for novice players as well as ninja masters, who can find and unleash tens of unique combo attacks to defeat their opponents. In addition, the brawler action has been perfected by the dudes that brought you Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
* EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED - Expect to be immersed into the TMNT free-spirited, joking, sewer-dwelling ninja lifestyle, but watch out for very interactive and moving arenas, gators jumps from the water in the middle of a fight, fight on a whales back or a moving train and much more. Collect "shells during your fights or by biting surprising mini-games to unlock memorable moments and exclusive content of TMNT 25-year history.


Any good?


Any good?


I cant check any games sites at work

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from IGN

6.5 Presentation
It's Smash Bros. Lite. The game is barely original, but at least it features a bunch of what makes Smash Bros. good.
7.5 Graphics
Though it's not quite as polished in visuals as its inspiration, TMNT Smash Up is still fast, smooth, and features good models, backgrounds and animations. Shame about the terrible cutscenes.
7.5 Sound
Solid voice acting and decent music, but don't expect the 80s style theme song reworked.
7.0 Gameplay
The Smash Bros. fighting model's been applied here, which isn't a bad thing at all. But aside from a wall jump and a tag team option, there's nothing here TMNT can claim as its own.
7.5 Lasting Appeal
The collectibles are easy to snag but not really worth the effort. Online's about as good as Smash Bros., multiplayer's only limited by the light fighter list.
(out of 10 / not an average)

Cowabunga dude!!
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