tmx elmo £26.24 at argos

tmx elmo £26.24 at argos

Found 31st Oct 2007
saw this tmx elmo in sale and thought it was a good buy and its in stock


Why is everyone voting this cold?

This Elmo is awesome. If it is cheaper elsewhere please let us know and not just vote it cold. HAD them at £17.99 earlier in the year...I got me one

lostboybinns HAD them at £17.99 earlier in the year...I got me one

you said HAD them, i take it they don't now? So if nowhere else beats this price in the OP then surely this is a good deal? Don't be silly and not vote something warm/hot just because you got it earlier on in the year for a price that is no longer available

heat added. good find

Possibly because there was a thread about this about 2 weeks ago…lmo

yeah theres a few reasons its not getting warm

Tesco have the tickle me cookie monster also £25 delivered ;-)

I have one which I am taking back but if any one wants it let me know as I will sell for £30 and postage is about £6 I think but would confirm if definately interested.

I should also have an Igglepiggle 16" fully interactive one which should be £34.99 but selling at same price if anyone struggling to get one. Just email and I will respond asap.

Kind Regards

£34.99 Now:-(
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