TNA Impact PS3 £3.97 + Free Delivery @ Tesco Ent

TNA Impact PS3 £3.97 + Free Delivery @ Tesco Ent

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Harness the immense strength of the worlds top wrestlers in TNA Impact!, the exclusive game based on the Total Nonstop Action series.

TNA Impact! allows players to choose from a host of 25 top wrestling stars including Kurt Angle, Booker T, Rhino, Samoa Joe and Christian Cage. Once chosen, a wrestler can be fully customized down to the fighting style they employ. This fighting customization covers the moveset of the character and allows players to create a character that best suits their style of play. These characters can then be taken through the games story mode, where the back-story of each wrestler is discovered and a lifetime of fame is built.

Fighting takes place in the TNAs special hexagonal ring, unique to this branch of wrestling. The six-sided arena brings unprecedented action, allowing more diverse finishers and special moves from the side of the ring. There is also a multiplayer mode where players can create customized matches with particular rules, before going head-to-head in one of several modes, including Tag Team, Ultimate X and Fatal Four-Way.

Bringing all the excitement and action of the television show, TNA Impact! creates an engaging wrestling environment.

* FEATURING 25 OF YOUR FAVORITE TNA SUPERSTARS - Take control of top TNA superstars such asKurt Angle, Booker T, Sting, Jeff Jarrett, Christian Cage, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Rhino, Christopher Daniels and more! Perform all the wrestlers signature moves such as The Canadian Destroyer, The Styles Clash, The Clutch, The Scorpion Deathlock, The Olympic Slam, The Gore, The Axe Kick and many more!
* INNOVATIVE PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING - TNAs signature six-sided ring brings unprecedented action and high-flying wrestling moves to players. With TNAs incredible Ultimate X match, wrestlers climb cables high above the ring in a daring attempt to capture the belt.
* BECOME A LEGEND - Build a lifetime of fame through the games innovative story mode. Create your very own TNA wrestler with customized costumes, move sets and more as you unfold the back-story of a champion wrestler.
* COMPETE AGAINST TNA FANS ONLINE! - Online play allows you to create customized match rules and invite friends or foes to compete head to head. Online game modes include Tag Team, Ultimate X, Fatal Four-Way and more!


Average game. Great price. This game has some fun moments, but is limited. At £4 you can't argue though.

Looks fun, worth a punt at £4!

Heck, get 4hrs of fun out of it and it's cracking value.

very poor game, played half a match and couldn't stand another second of it.

I have this it's no where near as good as the WWE games it has a limited amount of options but for the price it's worth checking it out just don't expect anyone playing online because the online is dead.

Thanks ordered

Still waiting for mine.

Can not moan for £4 ;o)
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