To Kill A Mockingbird - Kindle @ Amazon
To Kill A Mockingbird - Kindle @ Amazon

To Kill A Mockingbird - Kindle @ Amazon

I've had this pre order on my wishlist for some time. It was something like £3.29, but it's free after two days release on Kindle.


Cheers. One of my favorite books


Thanks. Ordered.

Brilliant - thanks!

Great book, thank you & for free :-)

Thank you OP.

Thank you x


Just been dropped from the UK syllabus I believe. This book just reminds me of school

Hot, thanks OP my old copy from school is battered and scrawled all over so this is a great find!

Thanks! Hot!

Thanks, one of my favourites.



It's a nice change to have a 'proper book' posted in freebies


One of the best books ever written.

Excellent find. Thanks for posting.

*The* best book of its kind ever written.
If you haven't read this classic I don't know what you are.

Great - thank you.


thanks OP!!

Great find.

Thanks Neel, a truly great book.

Comes with the Michael Gove seal of approval.

Thanks, never read it before.

Great Find Hot,Hot,Hot

Thanks OP.

another one of those classics that i have promised myself i would read. Thanks OP.


Thanks, never read it, but been told it is great.

Was gonna buy this the other week, glad I waited now!




I love this book, my old copy is always on the side in the bedroom for drop-in reads.

Brilliant, thank you very much OP!

Thank you

ordered,many thanks!

just downloaded ive wanted to read this for ages thank you

Missed it, it's £2 now

I read this at school long before the days Gove got his pathetic little hands on Education. He's off to be Chief Whip now I see, oh how I laughed, imagine that jumped up little twit trying to get ANYONE to tow the line. I despise the man (I use the word 'man' in its most loosest sense).
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