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Posted 16 October 2022

Toaster DesignLine Stainless steel 32.99 @ Bosch

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Seems like a good price for this.
Potential £3.46 cashback via TCB making it £29.53

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Product Details

Save time thanks to the 4-slice toaster.

Save time in the morning thanks to the 4 toaster slots, as several slices of toast can now be prepared at the same time. Enjoy breakfast together with your loved ones, stress free.

For a weekend feeling during the week.

Most people like a really nice breakfast at the weekend. What would it be like if you could make every breakfast feel this way? The defrost and warm-up setting doesn't just thaw your bread, it also crisps it up – as if it were fresh from the bakery.

The perfect toast is waiting just for you.

Sometimes you have this picture in your head – of an absolutely evenly toasted piece of golden brown bread. And then the result is not as expected. When you own a toaster with automatic centring, it gives you exactly the toast you want. The bread is automatically centred and ensures even toasting.

Toasting chambers can be operated separately for more flexibility.

Everyone likes their toast different. Some like it toasted softer, and some more well-done. That's why both toasting chambers can be operated independently from each other. This means that everyone gets their toast just how they like it.


  • For four slices of toast
  • Frozen bread setting
  • Reheat function
  • Removable crumb tray for easy cleaning
  • Easy storage: Cord keeper for simple and quick storage of the cable

Produces excellent results

  • 1640-1940 W
  • variable browning control
  • Electronic sensor for even toasting results
  • Automatic bread centering for even toasting
  • Panel heating elements


  • Cancel button
  • Safety switch off if toast becomes stuck

Size & Weight

  • Dimensions: 200 x 300 x 285 mm
  • Dimensions of toaster cavity (mm): 135 * 25 * 130 mm
  • Net weight: 2.9 kg


  • Brand: Bosch
  • Product name: TAT5P440GB
  • Type of control: Thermostat, Timer
  • Appliance type: 4-slot-toaster
  • Heating type: Large-surface heating element
  • Heat protection housing: No
  • Material body: Stainless steel
  • Secondary colour: Black
  • Number of slices / slots: 4
  • Defrosting function: Yes
  • Rack for bread rolls: Without
  • Thick & thin function: No
  • Crumb hatch: No
  • Crumb drawer: Yes
  • Re-toasting function: Yes
  • Toasting degree selector: inf. variable rotary control
  • One-sided toasting: No
  • Auto-OFF: Yes
  • Power on indicator: No
  • Separate stop button: Yes
  • Connection rating: 1,940 W
  • Voltage: 220-240 V

Useful Links

Bosch More details at Bosch
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  1. Avatar
    This is a really great toaster and kettle guys! I nearly bought the exact same 4 slice toaster last week from Curry's for £69.99 so to get both the toaster and matching kettle for under £66 direct from Bosch was a bargain! Either item alone for just £32.99 is a steal so I'm well chuffed! Just for your info the Bosch website said they offer FREE next day delivery providing you order before 12pm but when it didn't arrive the next day I called their Customer Service dept who said that deliveries take 2-3 days and the info on their website was incorrect! I ordered on Thursday 13th and it arrived Saturday 15th. Didn't mind waiting an extra day due to the discount!
  2. Avatar
    Are these good toasters
    i have one. its a great toaster, only downside is the numbers on the dials rub off too easily.
    Also can highly recommend the accompanying Designline kettle, best kettle ive ever used!
  3. Avatar
    Thanks, ordered for my new kitchen (edited)
    Thanks for clarifying, I would have presumed it was for the bathroom
  4. Avatar
    The bottom deal though is a bit off

    But it corrects the price when you add the bundle to your basket
  5. Avatar
    Can anyone confirm if it actually fits standard sized bread..?
    Yes it does, I have this toaster, it also can fit very wide bread, I cut double width slices for katsu sando and they fit too
  6. Avatar
    OOS online
  7. Avatar
    Ordered the Bosch toaster and kettle.

    Voted HOT

    Thank You
  8. Avatar
    Looks good
  9. Avatar
    Ordered with the kettle. 10.5 tcb aswell. Only thing was that it mentioned not delivering to NI. But it let me go through with the transaction ok. So we’ll see!
    The only bosch link on TCB is for work tools, has it changed?
  10. Avatar
    Brilliant thanks for this super deal. Perfect addition to our kitchen
  11. Avatar
    Ordered both kettle and toaster. Thanks OP. 
  12. Avatar
    Ordered the kettle with it thanks op!
  13. Avatar
    ordered this as was hoping it will toast the whole slice of farmhouse...... yet again a toaster that is not wide enough to take a normal slice of bread
    why are all toaster slots so small these days. Sending this back
  14. Avatar
    Thank you.
    Ordered for my bathroom.
  15. Avatar
    That’s really cheap. I was looking at this last year and couldn’t find it for less than £69.
  16. Avatar
    32 quid on Amazon I think
    BOSCH TAT5P441GB 4 Slice Toaster in White
    Yes there’s the white one for £32 in Amazon but the model seems to be different (not sure what difference though, apart from the color of course!).
    Through TCB you can get this still cheaper directly from Bosch
  17. Avatar
    Spooky, I literally ordered this toaster on this deal 3 hours before it was spotted here!.... it's been a slow day. (edited)
    And you didn't think to share it with us after you had?!
  18. Avatar
    Regarding the kettle, anyone know how this compares - currently £12.99 cheaper?
    Can confirm the 20 quid one is an amazing kettle. I bought two of them. However it's plastic and you may find that that Bosch one is stainless steel which some people prefer to avoid ingesting plastic. .
  19. Avatar
    Did anyone else not get the verification email for setting up an account from Bosch ? Still waiting for mine hours later.

    Oh and thanks op, new kettle and toaster on the way. (edited)
    Check spam folder
  20. Avatar
    something that actually fits warburtons toastie
    Rangemaster, Dualit
    Linsar is good value too (edited)
  21. Avatar
    Thanks OP, ordered both toaster & kettle
  22. Avatar
    What's the cost to make toast with this? Wondering if it's more cost effective to use the air fryer
    The spec from Bosch says it's 1,940 W but I don't know if that's for both pairs of slots together or just one pair of slots. Either way, it depends on how over or underdone you like your toast.
  23. Avatar
    Can anyone please recommend a really good 2 slice toaster? I have minimum worktop space in the kitchen so this 4 slice might be too big.
  24. Avatar
    This is a good price, hot. I bought it a few weeks ago for £40 on an amazon warehouse deal which i thought was good at the time. Feels pretty cheap and flimsy / lightweight compared to the bosch toaster it replaced but it looks nice in the kitchen. Performance is ok though nothing special.
  25. Avatar
    Been eyeing this up for a few weeks after buying the kettle. Glad I waited now. Thanks 🏻
  26. Avatar
    Will this toast a whole slice of medium white bread?
  27. Avatar
    Do you still have to register the items online even if you ordered through Bosch ?
    Guest checkout.
  28. Avatar
    I can't believe the size of box this arrived in - I thought they had sent a microwave by mistake!
  29. Avatar
    Please beware. Mine arrived as a re-packaged returns item. Had lots of scratches. I am in the process of returning which, in of itself, is proving a nightmare as Bosch returns services don't seem to respond to their online returns portal. I will not order again directly from Bosch.
    It's a brushed stainless steel finish, not polished.
  30. Avatar
    Bosch ain’t what it used to be lid keeps popping up on Kettle, so waiting for a return label to send back for repair!
    It's Chinese that's why
  31. Avatar
    What’s the potential £3.46 via TCB? I just checked and it’s 1.06% so not sure how you’ve got to that price? Please explain

    This was posted 3 weeks ago and £3.46 was tracked (and confirmed) via TCB! (edited)
  32. Avatar
    This is back in stock for the same price!
    Thanks for letting me know!