Tobermory 10yo 46.3% Single Malt Whisky - Half Price £20.99 @ Booths (Instore)

Tobermory 10yo 46.3% Single Malt Whisky - Half Price £20.99 @ Booths (Instore)

Found 25th Oct 2013
The nose is quite light and fresh. There are notes of barley sugars and toasted cereals, hints of winter spice and a soft oak with notes of salty melted butter and ground ginger. The palate is quite sweet and light. There are notes of acacia honey and a soft oak, the smoke and peppers thereof rise gently with a touch of dried fruit and peel with a cinnamon note. The finish is long and herbal with a touch of pepper.
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Christmas sorted for me
Only up north. Shame.
Cheaper than you can buy on Mull, the place it is distilled, for that price.....jealous grrrr!
Enjoy a drop if you can get your mitts on some
I was on Mull last week lol
Nice ... if you live in the North of the country ... still I suppose you need something warming to keep out the cold
Heat ...
Hmm no good if you live in East Yorks !!!!
Awesome- heading to the Lakes tomorrow for half term. Booths aplenty! Definite heat...
Only ever tried their Ledaig 10yo malt which is very nice. Can't make out price but the Scapa 16yo next to it is absolutely top notch. Usually quite pricey tho.
I love in South Yorkshire, where are Booths never heard of it? Wouldn't mind a bottle of this :-)
Edited by: "steevieboy4u" 26th Oct 2013
amazing deal just shame no booth down south.
Bought 2 bottles today. Gonna be a good week...
Good deal, shame there's no stores far enough North for me, farthest North is Penrith :o(
Got my bottle of Christmas tipple, bargain!

Who ever said it was grim up North
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