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Toblerone Milk/White/Orange 360g - Clubcard Price

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Milk chocolate with honey and almond nougat (10 %).
In a world of squares, Toblerone champions the triangles: those who dare to be different and have the courage to embrace their uniqueness and unleash their ingenuity just like our triangle founder.
Cocoa LifeSustainably Sourced CocoaSuitable for vegetarians
Pack size: 360G
IngredientsSugar, Whole Milk Powder, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Mass, Honey (3%), Milk Fat, Almonds (1.6%), Emulsifier (Soya Lecithins), Egg White, Flavouring, Milk Chocolate contains: Cocoa Solids: 28% minimum, Milk Solids: 14% minimum
Allergy InformationContains: Almonds, Eggs, Milk, Soya
Number of uses32.7 g = 1 triangle, Contains 11 triangles
Net Contents360g ℮
Tesco More details at

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  1. HarryLime1949's avatar
    It's Toblerone war!

    The irony that this is a swiss product.
    DabsSB's avatar
    Toblerone is no longer Swiss enough to feature the Matterhorn. They have shifted some production to Slovakia. (edited)
  2. blahblahblah1234's avatar
    All 3 available at my local Tesco Express.
    Saves a trip out to a bigger store.
  3. theshabster's avatar
    As if I missed this and went to Morrisons tonight to pick up two, I feel robbed
    Morrisons didn't have the white ones on stock, so I'll nip to Tesco tomorrow
    smudgemobile's avatar
    In Express stores also in case there's one closer to you.
  4. edhjedwdwg's avatar
    Just collected 18 from Morrisons for £3 each. But they gave £16 off on £60 purchase, so no regrets.
    Indigorush's avatar
    How many of those are you eating?
  5. smudgemobile's avatar
    Just a heads up if you've missed this with the big stores closing @ 4/5 Express stores close @ 9/10
  6. Orange_swan's avatar
    I've read the ingredients above doesn't say how much sugar purposely? 😞
    60g per 100g
    52912589-NX9iy.jpg (edited)
    Rik_Powell's avatar
    That's high! Most solid bars of milk chocolate for example are 49-55ish!
  7. TiredParent's avatar
    tighty's avatar
    not a daily mail doctored image at all
  8. tighty's avatar
    So I created my Morrisons account and more card account for nothing then (mad).

    Thanks OP
    anuruddha's avatar
    But still you lose 25p on each purchase
  9. Wiskaa's avatar
    Man, I just bought two for £4 each last night lol
    currymonsteruk's avatar
    Me also. Gonna buy a few more tomorrow 😁
  10. nik1's avatar
    In future please post before I go to Morrisons. If that means leaving the patio build for a few minutes then so be it
    smudgemobile's avatar
    Sorry will do but it only went online @ 12.30 😔
  11. blahblahblah1234's avatar
    Welcome to HUKD. Congratulations on your first Toblerone deal
    I see it's not doing so well, but don't let it put you off....... (edited)
    smudgemobile's avatar
    Unlucky NOT my 1st Toblerone deal.
    But congratulations on trying 👏
  12. NAILEDIT's avatar
    Fantastic price, thanks OP
  13. newsonic's avatar
    I remember I got it for £2.5 at Tesco at this time last year.
  14. Quids's avatar
    Damn them! I could resist £3 but not £2.75...
  15. anuruddha's avatar
    Got 3 today. Thank you.
  16. Hutchyy's avatar
    It's Toblerone season
  17. Georgedeals's avatar
    Its a Toblerone War
  18. fablanta's avatar
    I went to Tesco yesterday (10 PM-ish Tuesday) and the 360g were on display (featured not just on the self) for £4 Clubcard price (normal £5.50). Not pleased.
    smudgemobile's avatar
    The deal started Today (started date was on post)
  19. anuruddha's avatar
    No in stores yet 😞
    Indigorush's avatar
    It says from tomorrow.
  20. SoxanPance's avatar
    Is the dark chocolate Toblerone now discontinued?
    Indigorush's avatar
    Seems to only come about at Christmas. Personally is my least favourite.
  21. vs_'s avatar
    Orange is the one along with the original
  22. humdan424's avatar
    Oh no just bought it from morrisons
    Indigorush's avatar
    I was asking my gf to get some from Morrisons but they were apparently showing as £5.
  23. paul.martinOUp's avatar
    This is Slovakia chocolate
  24. VariablyFixed's avatar
    Had some a couple days ago for the first time in ages. Do not recommend. Was significantly sweeter than I remember.
  25. ahmernadeem2's avatar
  26. honglong1976's avatar
    Bizarrely, the most expensive item in a UK airport.
  27. MelmothTheBanker's avatar
    I know its Fathers Day - but I'd rather have socks...
    smudgemobile's avatar
    Nah got socks at Christmas I'll take the Toblerone this time.
  28. jambur's avatar
    Anyone know where you can get the Almond/Salt variety outside of the airport (and having to pay a small fortune in the process?) I recall ASDA stocking it a few years back but haven’t seen it (outside of airports) since. Father is addicted to it.
  29. HeisenBat's avatar
    These are £4 in Tesco Express in Exeter Fore Street.

    Edit: looks like it is £2.75 for delivery only. (edited)
    smudgemobile's avatar
    You might want to check the price at the tills it seems that your store hasn't changed the label as the offer is current in Express stores.

    Express stores don't do delivery. (edited)
  30. bluenitsuj's avatar
    smudgemobile's avatar
    As above the likelihood is they haven't changed the labels try it at a till & it'll show the price once you scan your Clubcard.
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