Toblerone Minis 200g Bag For £1 @ Poundland

Toblerone Minis 200g Bag For £1 @ Poundland

Found 2nd Oct 2018
Better value than most other chocs and probably one of the best.
Equivalent in price to the Heroes, Quality Street etc boxes that the supermarkets are doing.
I was going to tick all of the group boxes but just settled for Groceries.
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Bought the white chocolate ones last week 😁
You guys sure these are £1?

I have purchased from there for £2 off the back of a recent deal.
But I thought airports were the cheapest place to buy these ?
I too paid a couple of quids for this. Did you think it tasted a bit different? Almost fake
I can assure you I scoffed a bag less a few my wife ate yesterday and these are a bargain.
I’m sure these are £2 I bought a bag last week
Well in the Bridgend store these rung through for my wife yesterday as £1 because she bought 3 items ( 2 of these ) and another and it came to £3.
I shall be going into town later in the week and shall update my comments.
These are £2 in my local Poundland
£2 in Corby
£2 in Norwich too. I’d snap up loads of them for £1.

Bars went from 170 to 150g, so finding 200g for £1 would be a bargain
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£2 in stourbridge as well
Dis gud deel ye?
Why is this so hot? They are £2
Defo £2 please expire
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