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Huawei Nova 3i-Black £206.99 @ Toby Deals
Found 28th Oct 2018Found 28th Oct 2018
Huawei nova 3i @topydeals Main specs are: 6.3” screen with resolution 2340*1080 4GB RAM 128GB storage 4 x cortex A73 2.2 + 4 x Cortex A53 1.7 GHz processor USB-C port Camera: prim… Read more
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Yup! The honor view 10 lite springs to mind, that being the same phone as well.


Hey that's just the Huawei side of it. Imagine Honor


They have so many names in their range. I've no idea were this sits in it. Someone needs to have a word with Huawei.


Isn’t the Nova name used for Far East/China versions? Would explain why no band 20.



Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury Ultra-Fast FPS Gaming Mouse at Toby Deals for £25.99
Found 28th Oct 2018Found 28th Oct 2018
Great Price for this mouse, cheaper than Amazon. This same deal was recently up but it’s back again or is still going, either way a great deal



Sadly, cold with delivery! Doh!


Think it was under 20£ on prime day and last black friday so maybe same for this black friday


You are correct: Free Shipping for all orders above 50GBP For order below 50GBP, we will charge a flat rate shipping of 15GBP So it's actually over £40, voted cold


Hang on. Unless I'm missing something, 15 pounds standard shipping?

4k chromecast ultra £53 @ Toby Deals
Found 23rd Oct 2018Found 23rd Oct 2018
A little saving to be had 4k Newest model

What does your tracking state?


11 days and still not email update from Toby? Is this normal


Sure there are some differences, but barring the limitations both companies have introduced in their petty battle I don't see a benefit to Chromecast (I have 2x, plus one built in to my TV).


80% more powerful than the old Firestick 4k, but with Firestick you have the capability to sideload applications and support IPTV etc.


Except Chromecast users. Who use Chromecast.

Samsung Galaxy Watch R800 (Bluetooth) 46mm £222.99 at Toby Deals
Found 23rd Oct 2018Found 23rd Oct 2018
Samsung Galaxy Watch R800 (Bluetooth) 46mm
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Any luck?


11 days and still not email update from Toby? Is this normal


Oh, and if it does go back in stock, go via Topcashback. I'm currently tracking £9.96


Keep an eye on it. They stock in on occasion. I thought i'd missed it but they got more stock in last week


Voted hot, John Lewis may have longer warranty, but if you need to use the John Lewis warranty good luck with getting a free replacement or free repair.... loks like they have the Gear S3 cheaper too now:

Samsung Gear Sport SM-R600 - Black £127.99 @ Toby deals
Found 23rd Oct 2018Found 23rd Oct 2018
Samsung Gear Sport SM-R600 - Black - 1.2" AMOLED Full-Color Touchscreen - 360 x 360 Resolution - Gorilla Glass 3 - Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2, NFC, & GPS - Fitness, Heart Rate, &… Read more

where did you buy yours from though, the UK or Tobydeals/eGlobal?


samsung pay does work on this, used it yesterday at a contactless pay point


It says on the product page at Tobydeals: "****May not be compatible with Samsung Pay" So it looks like the other post is correct.


Will Samsung Pay UK work with this? Another HUKD post suggests it potential won't?


It's not bad at all. Wife has one and finds it useful for day to day as well as running

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 N960FD 6GB/128GB Dual Sim SIM FREE/ UNLOCKED - Black £560.99 w/Code @ Toby deals
Found 23rd Oct 2018Found 23rd Oct 2018
Use the cashback available as well to get a further good saving off this already great price Use the code to get this price thanks @rew81 Customs is a possibility, but in most… Read more

We've missed the boat! :(


Price gone up? What the story


In that way yes but I would expect them to have on screen fingerprint scanner by now For £220 more I would get a note 9, all round best (4000mah with sd card and a pen)


Disappointed? Looks brilliant, and it'll be £350 cheaper than the mate 20


Pretty disappointed with mi mix 3 Huawei mate 20 pro is the best atm but they use the heck nano SD card :(

Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite 4GB/64GB Dual Sim SIM FREE/ UNLOCKED - Black £131.99 @ Toby deals
Found 20th Oct 2018Found 20th Oct 2018
Great price using this code again. Use the cashback sites, Customs may be a factor

Thanks for that (y)


I've bought two phones from gearbest, both came within 10 days to two weeks without any issue whatsoever... I've also bought two phones from toby deals, including a 32gb a2 lite, and again they both came in a reasonable 8 and 10 days respectively, without a hiccup... Biggest problem is the tracking updates with these companies, you order the phone, then receive the phone, and not much in between. :)


@Mrswitch What's your experience with Gearbest with this model Xiaomi phone? I've never used Toby deals so not too sure on them but I've bought various things before from gearbest ok but not phones. Its just I've seen THIS phone with them but in blue for similar price. Basically I fancy this phone but would like it to arrive no later than late November who do you think would be best to go with for that. Thanks for any info


It will work perfectly on the 6s, even pay and go. You need to go into your network settings and enable it. No apps needed


...install Three in Touch? That's all I've done on all my Android mobiles.

Xiaomi Pocophone F1 6GB/128GB Dual Sim SIM FREE/ UNLOCKED - Blue £258.99 @ Toby Deals
Found 18th Oct 2018Found 18th Oct 2018
Sorry Mr/Mrs mrswitch, another Pocophone deal, but couldn’t not post it- this price is less than eGlobal and TobyDeals are selling some of the 64gb versions, then there could be … Read more

I am planning to order from gearbest Just not sure how long it will take for delivery from them


From what I can gather, yes . Though clearly some people have had issues. Even though someone can be covered by PayPal/credit card, it's still a concern while waiting for it to be sorted out.


Did anyone receive the phone?


I had the same problem, Paypal gave them 10 days to respond and they couldn't be bothered to reply to them either. Got a full refund from Paypal. Absolute joke of a retailer, wouldn't use them again if they paid me. Christ knows how you'd go on in the event of a post delivery problem. My advice would be pay a bit more and shop elsewhere.


They haven't bothered answering any of my emails so have escalated this with paypal

Motorola G5s plus £119.99 @ Toby Deals
Found 18th Oct 2018Found 18th Oct 2018
EDIT: price is now 119.99, you can apply the code: "CART" for £3 off bringing it back to original price: £116.99 This is not the newest or latest phone but at this price it's a ba… Read more
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UPS are taking the p*** now, my delivery has been 'pending' since Friday, not happy


Would have had mine yesterday, but missed the delivery man by 5 mins and UPS don't deliver / work on the weekend, be getting mine on Monday now. Think I'll get a fast charger from ebay.


Mine arrived yesterday, they included an adaptor for the charger, a bit bulky but it works


Arrived today, thanks op. I have had insurance replacements a few times for my old HTC m8s for £80 upfront... Should have just had one of these... I knew my old phone was way out of date, I just don't replace until required...


Well arrived today, a weeks not bad......looking ok so far but early days

Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact H8342 4GB/64GB Dual SIM - Silver £359.99 @ TobyDeals
Found 18th Oct 2018Found 18th Oct 2018
Good price for still one of the best compact handsets available, if you do go ahead and buy I would recommend paying the £10 for the insured shipping, they use DPD and have always … Read more

XZ1 Compact: fantastic in all departments, beats iPhone SE hands down


great phone, had it a couple of months. no problems at all, and i prefer a smaller phone.


My plan as well ;)


Got mine from music magpie. Worth checking eBay with the new code. Mine was supposedly only good, but was just about pristine to my eye.


yeah guess it depends how you carry/hold (screen to body is only 2.8% more, under 4% in relative terms) for me: in pocket - all dimensions matter in hand - couldn't care less really

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 64GB from TobyDeals - *** £197.99 *** with code
Found 18th Oct 2018Found 18th Oct 2018
It's been edging closer and closer but it's now gone below the magical sub £200 mark. Use code YPTDR8 to take price from £205.99 to £197.99 - Qualcomm MSM8998 Snapdragon 835 - 5.9… Read more

My experience with these guys was initially good. Like others, i got tracking within a few days and the item took 8-10 days to arrive. Noticed that recorded video had low audio, and on calls people said they couldnt hear well. Reported for RMA, and after several hoops later they said to send it back at my expense - should be their expense. Sent it back, and chased for update, and they said they have now shipped to Hong Kong. Its a bit of a joke really, so would seem aftersales is non existent. Only advantage to buying from these vs direct from china is probable speed and guaranteed no cutoms.


Xiaomi stores csn be found across Europe and they are opening store in London next month.


The camera is good, but not great by top end 2017/ 2018 standards. Focus hunting on video my still exisit as this one doesn't have dual pixel Auto focus


Mine arrived yesterday. Took only 6 days with free standard shipping and no charges. Phone is phenomenal for the price.


Mix2s still hovering around £300, 7 months after release but ya never know with the mix 3 release it may drop more, and black Friday might throw up some good deals.

Samsung 256GB EVO Plus UHS-I Micro SDXC Memory Card with SD Adapter £61.99 Toby Deals
Found 15th Oct 2018Found 15th Oct 2018
Massive memory, and cheaper than I've seen on here.
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Don't forget that these are likely to get hit with customs charges too - no idea why anyone would go for this?!




Yeah this is probably counterfeit.


That was exactly the deal I was thinking of. Flash memory is one of the most commonly faked products, especially SD cards and especially big brands like Samsung and Sandisk. You would have to be really hard up to risk this to save a few quid and if you were that hard up, probably shouldn't be buying high-capacity SD cards... I would have bought the Base one if I hadn't already got a 200GB one recently.


Fraid I have to agree, despite best intentions - especially when this SD was found at Base recently for less than £2 more

Xiaomi Pocophone F1 6GB/64GB Dual Sim SIM FREE/ UNLOCKED - Blue £238.99 w/code @ Toby Deals
Found 13th Oct 2018Found 13th Oct 2018
Again price is for blue, ‘clearance’ and if you get TopCashback you’re looking at £23, which isn’t much more than original launch price

Hi guys What tracking did it show in the despatch email? Mine shows Central post which is quite concerning ;(


Thanks received mine extra charges !! :)


I bought from Toby deals, it took exactly 7days, no custom charges, it seemed to have been repackaged in the UK before being sent via DPD


How long it it take you all to receive your phone? Which company did you buy from ? Any custom charges ?


Yes it does have Google Play on it and it does run banking apps, I'm running HSBC's app.

Apple iPhone X 256GB SIM FREE/ UNLOCKED - Space Gray - £909.99 @ Toby Deals
Found 10th Oct 2018Found 10th Oct 2018
Product ModelApple iPhone X 256GB SIM FREE/ UNLOCKED - Space GraySystemOSiOSProcessorA11 Bionic chip with 64-bit architectureInternal storage256GBGeneral2G Network ☑ 850MH… Read more

At least 400£ more for a contract. That's one more oneplus 6 phone and I think is better than iphone x


Bit more and you can get the newer model, not much of a deal tbh


Heat from me. I paid £900 for a 64GB on release.


It is a deal for few people but, on other side I have to admit, is far too much money. This is reality. I've posted because is the cheapest at the moment. In one year it will be 450£ as iphone 8 less than half price. I'm waiting until it will be 200£ 😃😃😃


Completely agree, if this is the cheapest and someone wants to buy it. In their eyes it's a deal! Thanks Mike2005 for taking the time to post!

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus G965FD Dual Sim 4G 128GB - Midnight Black - £577.99 @ Toby Deals
Found 10th Oct 2018Found 10th Oct 2018
SystemOSAndroid 8.0 OreoProcessor10nm 64-bit Octa-Core ProcessorRAM6GBInternal storage128GBGeneral2G Network ☑ 850MHZ ☑ 900MHZ ☑ 1800MHZ ☑ 1900M… Read more

Why not? You don't receive the item? You do but maybe a bit later but you receive them.


Can get the 256GB on eBay from the UK for £75 more if anyone is interested


id never buy from a website like this one


Deal below


hmm, can get this phone for £719 from samsung with 0% interest free credit plus employee discount. £141 more but from UK plus warranty

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 N960FD 6GB/128GB Dual Sim SIM FREE/ UNLOCKED - Black £573.29 @ Toby Deals
Found 10th Oct 2018Found 10th Oct 2018
Global edition, flash via odin to get UK firmware. All bands present. CART gets 2% off list price. New lower price spotted by tjn_888

Well I bit the bullet in November and ordered the note9 from ebay. Arrived in 2 days. Everything working perfect samsung pay, google pay etc. I have also recently upgraded it to the official android 9. 0 issues.


Sorry I was wrong. I was able to register. I tried to use samsung pay it says samsung pay hong kong? Even though it install samsung pay UK? I think that's what they meant by flashing the firmware. It seems samsung pay is regoin lock but everything else isnt for now... I'm not going to flash note 9 to the UK version. As I'm going to use Google pay.


Really?! Strange that you were able to register the warranty. Is it definitely the snapdragon version they sent you? Seems odd that it would be sealed with a UK charger when that model is not available in the uk


The Snapdragon is so fast! Well I thought a phone is a phone, I've used my UK s7 edge in China so why wouldn't us/china version work in the UK? Only thing I'll point out, when first setting up it was set to united states. Changed to UK. There was an update it installed all the UK app versions like Samsung pay. Google. Etc. So far it's been perfect. It's soo fast compared to s7... It's weird that someone says that you need to change the firmware. The only reason I think they would say that if it was linked to a phone carrier in another country? Then you would definitely flash it. But this is new and sealed. Ps I've also registered it for warranty. Its been accepted. We'll see if I get any problems. I hope not... Lol


The version you’ve linked to is the Snapdragon (non-UK) version. Some people have reported having to reflash the firmware for it to work in the UK. Good that it works out the box. Thanks

Xiaomi MIX 2 6GB/128GB 4G Dual Sim SIM FREE/ UNLOCKED - Black £221.99 @ TobyDeals
Found 10th Oct 2018Found 10th Oct 2018
As always with Toby Deals, expect the shipping to take around a week and no warranty. Also slim possibility of customs (however unlikely according to general consensus on… Read more

This or mate 10 pro imo if you consider refurbished/second hand.


absolutely superb phone. IMO best you can get all round for under £275


Deal is back on guys!


Shame, I would have bought for sure. Though you have saved me an awkward conversation with the other half!


Man, I wish I had of bought it. Cheers anyway mate

Mavic Air Fly More Combo £715.39 @ Toby deals
Found 9th Oct 2018Found 9th Oct 2018
Fantastic price for this kit, I'm tempted! I know it's been cheaper in the past but still good value. Use code CART at checkout.

Genuine question, I’m in the market for this model!


Fair point this close to BF.


Worth waiting until Black Friday or just pulling the trigger on a grey import?


The only problem with this deal is the drone will be a non-EU model so if you make a warranty claim you will have to send it back to China or HK. DJI are shady with grey imports so you might get screwed


Fab bit of kit and brilliant price for the FMC version, but the 3 batteries are needed, as the flight time is pretty awful! :(