Tocco Lite 24mths - 23 month redemption £25 per month @  + Quidco

Tocco Lite 24mths - 23 month redemption £25 per month @ + Quidco

Found 1st Aug 2010
Seems like a good offer to me - but I have been looking all day - so i may just have lost the plot.

Orange Dolphin 25 contract - 300 mins Any Network Anytime + Unlimited Texts, Push Email + 500MB Data

£25pm * 24 , but 23 months back via redemption and £50 cashback = £25 profit!
- skdotcom


Redemption deals are not always the way to go - am sure someone on here can point u in the direction of a better deal!

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if anyone could it would be greatly received

click here this is just a general search from deals posted re Tocco Lite

maybe post a thread in the misc section as some of the guys over there are great at finding deals on mobile phones

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they were all voted cold, whats wrong with the redemption deals - i am a complete novice with mobiles - only had a mega basic one b4 but it has died on me...

Wouldn't touch redemption deals. The risk of not being paid for some reason is too great and the hassle of trying to sort it out is not worth it.

never had a problem with redemption...this is a good deal..well done

Good find, there aren't many free phone redemptions about nowadays.

super find....Ive been doing redemption offers for the past 3 years (2 Contracts per year!!) and there great so really hot from me

I think this is a great deal!

I have also always got my contract mobiles from retention deals and have effectively not paid anything for my either phones or contracts in years.

Also with the addition of £25 profit from quidco! I don’t see why so many people have a problem with them ?

Heat and Rep Added!

Good find. Never had any problems with cash back deals. No need to post your bills, just e-mail them. Also they are part of CPW.
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