Toffee Crisp Clusters - 2 packs for £2 @ Sainsburys
Toffee Crisp Clusters - 2 packs for £2 @ Sainsburys

Toffee Crisp Clusters - 2 packs for £2 @ Sainsburys

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Used to love these years ago untill they stopped making them, but the are back now and taste as good as ever!

Currently on offer at Sainsbury's - 2 packs for £2

Well worth a try as one pack is usually £1.65



they used to do these in mcflurrys did the not? MM i love tofee crisp... havent seen one in ages mind u !

Seen these several times, love TC but never bought them - they are good then?? Might have to invest tomorrow....

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I think they stopped the toffee crisp mcflurry a while back......as for these clusters, i personally think they are better than the bars :thumbsup:

Is it me or have the bars had too much caramel in them recently? Too sickly. Will pick some of these up tomorrow on your recommendation say33d Thanks.

Our local Poundland (hanley) are doing the big boxes of this!! I got a couple!!

Have never seen these before but will look at local sainsburys asap yum yum
Bought a 7 pack yesterday and they seem to have shrunk! They are only half the size they used to be

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Heating up nicely! I'm munching through another pack right now LOL.

Yep these are really nice, good shout say And it's not just these in the 2 for £2 offer! There are munchines, rolos and more! Yum.
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