Toggle Aqua Trainer Unisex NOW 1/2 PRICE £12.49 @ COTTON TRADERS

Toggle Aqua Trainer Unisex NOW 1/2 PRICE £12.49 @ COTTON TRADERS

Found 30th May 2008
Make a splash with our water-friendly Aqua shoes
If you haven't tried our best-selling beach essentials yet, you're in for a big treat! Imagine beach holidays where wet feet dry in moments and toes are protected from sharp stones. Perforated insoles squish away water in seconds. So quick and easy to pull on and if you should drop one overboard, it simply floats. No wonder the surf set live in theirs all summer. Great new colours and sporty unisex styling that leaves all others hung out to dry.
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Why The Cold Vote You Can Wear These Anywhere Plus No Sharp Beach Objects Sticking In Your Feet Too
It Is Me Quest To Get A Hot Deal One Day
Posted before ]HERE 4 weeks ago
As per usual it's people rating it NOT on whether it is a good deal or not but on whether THEY find it useful. NOT the way the rating guide should be used folks.

I've noticed over the last few months that this has been happening a lot more. People voting cold because they have no use for the item or service as opposed to voting on whether it is a bargain or not.

Voted OT and REP added.

rant over (for now)

Posted before ]HERE 4 weeks ago

So instead of people voting it cold and not stating why, they should have at least made a post like you did and that way the OP would know the reason. Also, a mod could have merged the 2 threads and everyone would have been happier and wiser.

Sometimes the lack of communication on this site really grinds my gears!
This Is At The New Price Tho Its Updated
The Previous Deal Was More Expensive : (
if you use the 20% off code then nearly covers the postage cost as they dont have many sizes left in my local store and after saw mum's i wanted a pair for gym as they keep your feet cool too
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