Toilet seat for £5 at Dunelm (C&C Only)

Toilet seat for £5 at Dunelm (C&C Only)


Might treat myself to this, as I'm feeling flush!

bjb792 m ago

Might treat myself to this, as I'm feeling flush!

The bog standard toilet humour jokes have started

Ok, I'll say it.

No one else is going to.
Doesn't sound like a bum deal to me.
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If anyone buys this, please don’t just dump your old one

i see a few rim-shots here, you just can't help taking the pi$$.... well done guys, proud of you all.

Boy: Can I go to the bathroom, please miss?
Teacher: Only if you can sing the alphabet.
Boy: OK, abcdefghijklmnoqrstuvwxyz.
Teacher: Where's the p?
Boy: Half way down my leg.

There was a perfect crime committed at our local constabulary, where all of the loo seats were mysteriously stolen. A spokesman from the police issued a statement saying that they have nothing to go on

On a serious note though, Dunelm have a very horrible attitude towards 'customer service'.
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This could be hours of fun and isn't it great that there's a formula one team called haas. my wife despair's with me every race.

this takes the p*ss

Crap deal.

Oh sh!t, more offers to flush my money away on!!😜

No bogoff?

Wasn't that their number 2 Cack Friday deal?
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Atlast something to practice my gurning through

This toilet seat has a 1 star review
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