Tom And Jerry - Collector's Edition - Vols. 1 and 2 (Boxset) - £7.89 del. @ Sendit !

Tom And Jerry - Collector's Edition - Vols. 1 and 2 (Boxset) - £7.89 del. @ Sendit !

Found 22nd Oct 2007
Tom And Jerry - Collector's Edition - Vols. 1 And 2 (Boxset) - £7.89 del. @ Sendit !

Description : This double pack is the first of 3 sets, which draw together two volumes each of classic cartoon capers featuring everyone's favourite cat and mouse. So join Tom & Jerry for nearly 3 hours of mayhem in these classic cartoons.

Volume 1 : Collecting together the works of each producer, Classic Collection 1 starts with the cartoons of the great Fred Quimby and also includes the Hanna-Barbera years 1940-1958. Hollywood legend Quimby is largely regarded as creating THE Tom & Jerry episodes. He won seven Academy Awards for various Tom & Jerry shorts and received numerous nominations for his animated works.

Volume 2 : Tom and Jerry Classic Collection 2 continues with the works of Hollywood legend Fred Quimby, the man largely regarded with creating THE Tom and Jerry episodes. He worked closely with Hanna-Barbera and together they set the high standard of animation, music, timing and humour for which Tom and Jerry are renowned. Classic Collection 2 includes the Academy Award winning cartoon shorts The Cat Concerto and The Little Orphan, the Academy Award nominated Dr Jekyll and Mr Mouse and Hatch Up Your Troubles plus 20 other classics.


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Isn't this the boxset that has elements cut out of the cartoons for political correctness!!!!!?

I think all UK releases have the cuts. It would be good to find them uncut but i dont think they're available.


Thanks edi, my boys are tom and jerry mad, thats another xmas stocking filler sorted

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Thanks guys

Nevermind the kids, I'm a great fan of T&J too... :giggle:

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More details on this boxset

Volume 1 - Contains The Following Cartoons:
[*]Puss Gets The Boot
[*]The Midnight Snack The Night Before Christmas
[*]Fraidy Cat Dog Trouble
[*]Puss N Boots Yankee Doodle Mouse
[*]Sufferin Cats The Bowling Alley Cat
[*]Fine Feathered Friend The Lonesome Mouse
[*]Baby Puss The Zoot Cat
[*]The Body Guard Puttin On The Dog
[*]Mouse Trouble The Mouse Comes To Dinner
[*]Mouse In Manhattan Tee For Two
[*]Flirty Birdy Quiet Please
[*]Springtime For Thomas The Milky Waif
[*]Trap Happy[/LIST]Voulme 2 - Contains The Following Cartoons:
[*]Solid Serenade Cat Fishin
[*]Part Time Pal The Cat Concerto
[*]Dr Jekyll And Mr Mouse Salt Water Tabby
[*]A Mouse In The House The Invisible Mouse
[*]Kitty Foiled The Truce Hurts
[*]Old Rockin Chair Tom Professor Tom
[*]Mouse Cleaning Polka Dot Puss
[*]The Little Orphan Hatch Up Your Troubles
[*]Heavenly Puss The Cat And The Mermouse
[*]Love That Pup Jerry's Diary
[*]Tennis Chumps Little Quacker
[*]Saturday Evening Puss Texas Tom
[*]Jerry And The Lion
[*]Safety Second[/LIST]

Two weeks ago, I got all 6 individual volumes of the classic collection for £3.89 each from Amazon. Used my HDUK competition voucher also, so got them for even less.

Notice they've now gone up to £4.97 each.

They are selling this set for £17.99, so this is a good deal.

I'd still recommend getting the individual volumes as that way you get all cartoons, even a couple of the so called "deleted" ones.

Dont know if anyone else has noticed but sendit do have other collections ie 3&4, 5&6 for the same price.

All the tom and jerry dvd's are only £5.00 yes a fiver on


All the tom and jerry dvd's are only £5.00 yes a fiver on

Yes but thats £10 for the same 2 DVDs that are only £7.89


Yes but thats £10 for the same 2 DVDs that are only £7.89

He's right. For £23 odd you can get the 3 sets from Sendit. these contain exactly the same 6 volumes that I got seperately. I managed to get them for the same total price at Amazon. Trust me, it's well worth it.
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