Tom Clancy Box Set (4 Discs) - £6.99

Tom Clancy Box Set (4 Discs) - £6.99

Found 30th Aug 2006
Four films. Sum Of All Fears - Jack Ryan (Ben Affleck) is ready for action in this thrilling adventure based on the best-selling novel from Tom Clancy. When the President of Russia dies and is succeeded by a man with a mysterious past, America's Cold War fears are rekindled. When the CIA suspect renegade Russian scientists are developing more nuclear weapons, East-West tensions erupt. CIA Director William Cabot mobilises Jack Ryan into action and he begins a perilous journey culminating in a shocking discovery: a plan by terrorists to force a war between Russia and the U.S - by detonating a nuclear warhead during a championship football game... The Hunt For Red October - As a high-tech Russian sub loaded with nuclear warheads approaches the coast of America, the US Government has a dilemma - is the Captain preparing a renegade attack, or is he planning to defect? Tense, blockbusting action thriller from the director of Die Hard, based on the novel by Tom Clancy. Patriot Games - On holiday in England, Jack Ryan and his family become innocently embroiled in a deadly terrorist assassination plot. Now they know more than is good for them and even back home in America, they are targets to be silenced at all costs. Clear And Present Danger - Ford returns as CIA agent Jack Ryan. When Admiral James Greer becomes gravely ill, Jack is appointed as acting CIA Deputy Director of Intelligence. His first assignment is to investigate the murder of one of the President's friends. He discovers a link between the American Government and a drug cartel in South America. Unknown to Ryan the CIA has already sent a paramilitary force into Colombia to attack the drug lords. Ryan follows, becomes caught in the crossfire and risks his life to discover the truth.
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good find - recently ordered mine from Amazon Market place for £6.97 Plus £1.24 postage. I'm more than happy too!
Yes, cheers potlepa - good DVD deal!
This is now showing as an astonishing £51.99 so clicked on expired.:shock:
Cracking price!
Annoyed I missed this one!
101CD - They have done this 3 times before with this boxset - back in May it was at 8.99 - i ordered and then suddenly they are unable to fulfill my order. I reckon it is a poor marketing ploy. Once I can put as a mistake but to do it again and not honour the price is bad. Do you think i should get in touch with trading standards as they refuse to answer emails as well
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