Tom Clancy: H.A.W.X. 2 - £22.95 @ Zavvi + 7% Quidco

Tom Clancy: H.A.W.X. 2 - £22.95 @ Zavvi + 7% Quidco

Found 1st Sep 2010
This is the PC version.

I've got the original. Short but very good. This looks like a pretty good price seeing as it's not released until October 1st.

Zavvi have 7% cashback on games too at the moment, so it's a bit of a win.

The near future, around 2030. A new, invisible enemy is rising, threatening the stability of the Middle East, of Russia, and of the whole free world as we know it. To face this shape-shifting threat which advances under cover, a unified answer is compulsory. This time, Royal Air Force, Russian and HAWX pilots take air warfare to a whole new level where high-end technology and devastating firepower are just tools for the real challenge: man to man high altitude confrontation.

Tom Clancy’s HAWX 2 is about dramatizing Air Warfare. Firepower and technology are a given; but you will not feel like a machine, you’ll be a pilot - and the fight is closer, more intense and dramatic. Take the seat of an HAWX pilot, a British RAF ace and a Russian flight officer and be the witness of the defining moments of tomorrow’s global air war along a compelling storyline displaying the events also occurring in Ghost Recon Future Soldier from a different perspective.

Key Features:

Most Appreciated features of HAWX 1:

High Definition Satellite Data
Plane Assistance – now OFF mode also available in cockpit view!
Enhanced Reality System
Deep Background and Story

Storyline consistent with Ghost Recon Future Soldier, depicting another viewpoint to the rich new settlement of the Clancy Universe.
Three pilots, three stories closely intertwined for a compelling narration
Enriched Storytelling expressed through cut scenes and video briefings
Jaw-dropping, Hollywood style action

Dogfight at very close range, one to one fights – and more Aces!
Every aircraft feels different in handling
Computer assistance no longer sufficient without skill in maneuver and shooting
Encloses every technical feature awaited by fans

Takeoff and Landing
Precision Bombing
Night Vision
Gunship gameplay
Air refueling
UAV control
Community Updates


Get me the PS3 version at that price and I'll give you heat! (_;)
PC versions are always
I am not that bothered by the sequel.
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