Tom Clancy's EndWar  with official PS3 headset £7.85 @ shopto

Tom Clancy's EndWar with official PS3 headset £7.85 @ shopto

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Found 1st Mar 2010
Tom Clancy's EndWar
World War 3 on a scale and level of intensity that has never been seen. The great War genre that Tom Clancy created with Red Storm Rising eventually comes to life with Tom Clancy's EndWar!

True to the Tom Clancy's video games' tradition of innovation and excellence, Tom Clancy's EndWar is an all-new breed of strategy game. Designed from the ground up for consoles, it is a fusion of next-gen. technology, superior design and first-class production values.

2020, with resources growing scarce every nation must look after themselves. Tensions between the US, Europe and Russia are near a breaking point. One spark will ignite the war to end all wars.

World in Flames: A chillingly realistic vision of World War 3, in the fashion of the best techno-thrillers... Set in 2020, Tom Clancy's EndWar explores a full-scale land war between superpowers. While the narrative engrosses the player in a massive global conflict, with battles taking place in American and European heartlands, on 40 real-life recognizable battlefields including Washington D.C., Paris and Moscow.

Shock and Awe: Tom Clancy's EndWar exploits the capabilities of next-generation consoles to deliver production values comparable to the best action titles, rendering the chaos and grandeur of tactical combat more vividly than any game before it.

Control Amidst Chaos: The game's intense depiction of land warfare never overwhelms the player because Tom Clancy's EndWar's console-based design and interface empowers him to constantly maintain situational awareness and execute orders with the dispatch of a tactical genius. Simplicity ensures that success depends on tactical decision-making, not manual dexterity.

Massive Replayability: In every way possible, Tom Clancy's EndWar is designed for maximum replayability.



Probably worth it just for the headset!

nowhere does it state the headset comes.. you just got lucky. COLD

I don't see any headset with this deal...

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received sale email from shopto, specified headset edition

thought hedset only came with limited edition ??/

This is the one with the headset, ]Link
But they are sold out, and at a higher price.
This thread is surely about the solo game.

darknight beat me to it

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dunno, but got email with the headset edition at £7.85

meshosa;7989211£12.95 and all gone

thought is was the ltd edition

Just phoned Shopto.

Sorry to say, no headset!

just rang them, they said game only no headset.

When you clink in the link from their email it clearly goes to the limited edition including headset at the posted price, but it is sold out.
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