Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Trilogy £5 @

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Trilogy £5 @

Found 26th Jun 2013
Part of the Group for Specialized Tactics, a Special Mission Unit under the direct command of the Joint Special Operations Command, the elite of the modern US Special Forces is better known by their battlefield legend. They are the untraceable soldiers called the Ghosts.
Only the best of the best, soldiers with a unique mix of skills on and off the battlefield, ever get to wear the coveted Ghost insignia. Equipped with the most advanced combat technology, the Ghosts track down the highest-value targets in the highest-risk conflict areas around the world, fighting from the shadows in any climate or terrain.
In the near future, four of these elite soldiers serve as the tip of the spear in a hidden war raging across the globe. But even as Ghost Lead, Pepper, 30K, and Kozak accomplish their objectives, they discover the threat they face is greater than they ever imagined - one that could alter the international balance of power forever.

Key Features

Join the Legendary Ghosts
• Elite of the elite, you don’t apply to join the Ghosts. They find you. In the role of Sergeant John Kozak, a new squad member, fight alongside 3 veteran operators in a character focused 10 hour storyline.
• Experience battle in 8 spectacular locales, from the heat and dust of Africa to the Arctic Circle.
• Become the ultimate “quiet professional” with unique stealth kills and brutal close-combat takedowns. Deploy cutting-edge, authentic military tech, including more than 50 weapons.
Elite Co-op: 4 Soldiers vs. an Army
• Perform highly coordinated takedowns and devastating large-scale strikes utilizing multiple viewpoints.
• Activate the Cross-com, the ultimate squad battlefield tool, and coordinate devastating and clinical attacks:
o A.T.L.A.S, the brand new Augmented Reality system, allows the display of real-time intel, providing live feedback on the evolving battlefield situation.
o W.A.R. (Weapon Augmented Reality) is the battlefield counterpart of A.T.L.A.S, allowing the Ghosts to synchronise their Cross-com to any weapon they use instantly. With that power in their hands, they can perform deadly synch shots with the Cross Target laser that identifies who’s in your teammates sights.
• Play through the 14 campaign missions with up to 3 friends.
Thrilling and Innovative Multiplayer
• Enjoy an extensive online experience created by Red Storm, the studio behind the critically acclaimed GRAW-series MP modes.
• Intel and teamwork are at the core of this innovative multiplayer experience:
o Use stealth to take down your enemy with non-lethal force and use Data Mugging to steal info about hostile positions, giving your team a decisive advantage.
o Put your plan in action with the new coordination tools. Share your next objectives with your teammates without saying a word.
• The new suppression system adds a strategic layer to firefights.
• Select from 3 classes (Rifleman, Engineer and Scout) and unlock new gear to battle online across 10 maps.
• Enjoy 4 game modes, including new exclusives and GR’s classic Siege.
• Play cooperatively in a team of up to 4 soldiers and fight against waves of incoming enemies in Guerrilla Mode.
• The Gunsmith customisation mode lets you choose from dozens of attachments and components with over 20 million unique combinations. Replace triggers, barrels, stocks, and much more to trick out your weapon and make it your own. Gunsmith is also compatible with Kinect for Xbox 360.

The award-winning original next-generation killer app returns with Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter™ 2. The Ghosts are back!

It’s 2014, and the soldier of the future returns to encounter a new and more imminent threat along the recently completed wall on the U.S./Mexico border. The Ghosts are more powerful with an upgraded Integrated Warfighter System (IWS) but will have only 72 hours to assess the threat and stop the rebels from reaching US soil.
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