Tom Clancys Splinter Cell Conviction "As-New"  £6.70  at boomerang game rental

Tom Clancys Splinter Cell Conviction "As-New" £6.70 at boomerang game rental

Found 17th Nov 2010Made hot 17th Nov 2010
"As-New" Game Guaranteed disc, new box & manual.

Sam Fisher. Off the grid. Outside of the system. Looking for the truth.

For years, Sam Fisher has been off the grid and on his own, tracking his daughter's killer. The trail leads to the last place Sam wants to see again: Washington D.C. Now Sam must work with old friends he can no longer trust, forced to save a country that used him and threw him away. Unless he can stand against both a vast, faceless enemy and a corrupt Third Echelon, he'll never know the truth of what happened to his daughter.

Become an enemy of the state, embroiled in a conspiracy that leads all of the way back to Capitol Hill, in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction.


Great game, but a bit on the short side definitely worth £6.70, heat added.
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anyone bought from these guys before?

thanks bought. Not bought from here before but use to rent.

dont you have to pay a membership before you can buy from them?

Never even heard of these before. Good deal if it has some good press?


dont you have to pay a membership before you can buy from them?

I just purchased it and only paid £6.70.

Not used these before but they always seem to get good comments in previous threads.

Cheers to the OP

Great price since the game is only around 6 or 7 months old.

ive personally bought lots from these guys before, they are absolutely fantastic, games are in pristine condition as are the cases, manuals etc. delivery is always very prompt

hope that helps guys

why expired? still says in stock


I bought 2 kinect games from here on pre order and they were delivered on release day no problem (unlike the kinect system which was 2 days late from Amazon)
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says £36.30. not so hot.

out of stock

This arrived on the 19th, so it came within 2 days.
It's in fantastic condition and the disk is flawless, quite amazed at the disk's condition infact.

Only thing off with it is a tiny minor spec of glue on the front cover, that'll easily come off.
Overall it's in a 9.5/10 condition

Would definitely buy from these guys again.

Thanks again OP, been meaning to grab this game for a while.

Mine never arrived. Company charged me £1.00 for a 'purchase order' but this was never in the listing when I went through the checkout. Very Strange

Mine arrived, absolutely mint.
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