Tom Clancy's The Division (PS4) on Amazon £11.99 (Prime Exclusive)

Tom Clancy's The Division (PS4) on Amazon £11.99 (Prime Exclusive)

Found 30th JanMade hot 30th Jan
Not sure if posted but was looking through my email from Amazon saw this at 11.99


Anyone still playing this? Thoughts? Comments? Have thought about picking this up for some Co-Op with the gf but never got round to it, is it worth it? Heat for the price by the way

Amazing game with all the new updates and dlc's . you would need to purchase the dlc separately though. Even without just levelling up and doing the dark zone is brilliant in a group with friends. I highly recommend .

can't see it for £11.99 but its still the same price @ Game…226

Great game; gone for the Gold version that comes out in March and hope to CEX my original copy for a fiver or so. £27 ish for the gold edition with the season pass. Made more sense than paying over £30 just for the season pass.

It's a great game, been playing it from more or less day one. Yes it's had its fair share of problems, overpowered builds and glitches etc but the Devs put a lot of work in to fix it with patches. Loads to do either solo or a team and gearing up is a lot easier now, it used to be a real grind to get that 1 piece you were after but the game has definitely got better
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