Tom Robinson - Free downloads
Tom Robinson - Free downloads

Tom Robinson - Free downloads

Tom Robinson (b.1950) is a bisexual songwriter & broadcaster based in London, UK. Known in the 1970s as an anti-racist and gay rights campaigner he released 19 albums with various bands between 1975 and 2001. Since 2002 he's worked full-time as a radio presenter introducing new bands and recording artists at BBC 6 Music.

Studio Albums

War Baby: Hope & Glory (1984)
Still Loving You (1987)
Love Over Rage (1994)
Having It Both Ways (1996)
Faith, Folk & Anarchy (2002)

Live Albums

Home From Home (1999)
CD ONE (Live in Flanders: duo gig with ADAM PHILLIPS
CD TWO (Live in Japan: band gig with Adam Phillips, Andy Treacey and Jo Burt)

Living In A Boom Time (1992)
Live in Ireland: solo

Live At Eton College ("Loved" EP, 1994)

Sector 27
live concert recording for BBC Radio One, 5 November 1980
TR vocals, gtr; Jo Burt bass, vocals; Stevie B. lead guitar, vocals; Derek Quinton drums.
With thanks to Mick Sheeran who made this recording from FM Radio at the time

Cabaret 79 Album
Recorded at a series of Gay Pride shows in 1979 marking the 10th anniversary of the Stonewall riots. Four bonus tracks: a rare indie single 'Glad To Be Gay Part I' (renamed here 'Good To Be Gay'). Also a live cover of Carlton Edwards' AIDS classic 'Last Rites' and the 1997 version of 'Glad To Be Gay' by the present TR band, with updated lyrics.


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