Tom Tom One V4 One XL V2 RDS Traffic Receiver usual price £50 now 18.99 delivered @ electrical123

Tom Tom One V4 One XL V2 RDS Traffic Receiver usual price £50 now 18.99 delivered @ electrical123

Found 7th Jan 2011
great price for this
•Get Traffic Information to your TomTom
•Just Plug in and Go!
•Your TomTom will Automatically reroute you around congestion


says £18.99

I've got something like this and have found it to be totally pointless. 99% of the time there are no hold ups.
The 1% it knows about one it's too late to be re-routed or it thinks you're still on the quickest route.

Note that this is the RDS receiver for older TomToms; newer models (e.g. ONE) connect via the USB/charging port.

I've had one these for a couple of years now and only plug it into my TomTom on long journeys. As bigbak says, the warnings come too late sometimes but I find that's only on the shorter journeys. If you do a lot of long journeys, I would recommend buying one. It certainly helped me last year while driving back north from Cornwall as the main road out of there was closed due to an accident and it was reported later that the people stuck on that route had to wait for hours to get moving again. The TomTom re-routed me along some back-roads to Exeter with no problem. This receiver will work on some other TomTom models, by the way.

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thanks for great info iand123

I have used one on these on my old TomTom Go720 for the last two years. While the traffic data is often wrong or late, it does have one feature that I have never seen anyone else mention and that is along the route bar, periodically a symbol for Gas/Food will show up with a time distance indicator until you will reach it. This comes in handy when you are looking for a rest stop along the Motorway but are not sure where the next on is located.

I have one and have been watching ones on Ebay for my brother's TomTom, this price is far better than any of the ones I have seen on there, new or even used.

Just ordered one cheers. Tryed to get one last time it was up at Argos for £26. But they were sold out. Glad I waited. Hot for me.
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