Tomb Raider: underworld and Farcry 2 £19.99 this friday @ GameStation
Tomb Raider: underworld and Farcry 2 £19.99 this friday @ GameStation

Tomb Raider: underworld and Farcry 2 £19.99 this friday @ GameStation

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just got a nice juicy info - tomb raider underworld and farcry 2 will be 19.99 this friday at gamestation

this should be a national roll-out instore.

i'm still trying to find out 101% but i'm pretty sure the last week two of the year will have call of duty 5 for half price!!! but like i said its not 101%

they've had a call of duty game for half price for the last few weeks of the year several years running now.


err not sure how to vote Far Cry cheaper at Play play.com/Gam…tml

But good price on Tomb Raider I did manage to pick it up for £17.99 at Amazon but this looks like the cheapest at the mo. Lets say hot then

far cry 2 £17.99 from play.com

Thanks I ain't gonna miss out on tomb raider now I laways leave play.com modays to the last minute

These are part of gamestations new sale section.

Hot for tombraider!

Yeah these 2 are deffo in at these prices. Along with others.

I believe the prices will be changed on thursday so might be able to pick them up then

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yeah there's probably going to be around 4 more games of lesser titles

but the main two will be tomb raider and farcry.

i know there's places cheaper online but if you want to pick up in person this aint a bad deal

More disappointments

Theres other games in there but most are just the same as what are in the half price sale (such as Shaun White snowboarding)

I was hoping COD5 would be discounted in the last week before xmas

Tomb Raider... I thought it had died a death back in 1996 lol, nice find tho.

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yeah me too but lookin at the stocks of gamestation thats the only game so far that hasnt been knocked down

that and left 4 dead but the stocks aint so high on that so i doubt that will

but lots of gamestations have cod5 in abundance.

can confirm this !!!!
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