Tomb Raider: underworld (ps3) £9.99 instore @ morrisons

Tomb Raider: underworld (ps3) £9.99 instore @ morrisons

Found 22nd Jul 2009
this was a great price at porth morrisons. ps3 only by the looks of it.


Been this price for ages but I didn't post it as it is failry expensive compared to the Asda deal that were on.

Still, good price for a 'standard' price and likely to be stock.

£15 at my morrisons (maidstone)

Got it for £6 in my local morrison's last week

Edit: Chesterfield btw, they had a couple "when it's gone it's gone"

I can confirm it was also £9.99 last week in Scunthorpe - I noticed it when I was checking out a Navman deal that had been posted on hotukdeals. I did not buy it, but I thought it was a good price for anyone who likes the Tomb Raider games.

My morrisons never seems to have these deals, £6 or £10 is unheard of there - i guess the manager is too tight!

If you are missing uncharted...this a great game

Just got this for £9.99 in my local morrissons today
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