tomee tippee bottles and teats £0.99 @ Home Bargains

tomee tippee bottles and teats £0.99 @ Home Bargains

Found 22nd Jan 2009
Tommee tippee bottles and teets for 99p from £3.99 these are great bottles for your baby, Ellesmere Port (cheshire) branch and Shipley (west yorks)


I'm sure I saw these in Retford the other day as well so hopefully should be nationwide. Good price, although these are the hard plastic ones that apparently have harmful chemicals in them. I got the cheap ones in Asda which are the flexi plastic (6 bottles for a £5) and supposedly better for babies. Although breastfeeding is really best, but that's another discussion altogether!

Heat added.

They had them in Telford store today bought 2 bottles for £1.99.

i bought these today too at salford regent road home bargain
i also got the microwave tomme tippe steriliser with two bottles inside for just £8.00
so 8 bottles with teats and steriliser for £14 total bargain

Thats a fantastic price!

Is it the closer to nature ones by any chance?

they had these in barry. picked up the teets for 99p and bigger bottles for £1.50 each

Thanks for the post, got 2x 260ml bottles for £1.99 and the 150ml bottles were 99p each.....this is fab price,...they are £7.49 for two in lots of leading baby retailers. The closer to nature range is fantastic :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

i got the 6 month tommee tippee teats for 99p today at my local home baragins and i got the 11oz bottles for 1.49 each too

Fast Flow teats & the Wide neck bottle teats are still 99p
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