TOMKET Sport XL - 225/40.0/R18 92 W - c/b/69.0/ dB - Summer Tires @ Amazon

TOMKET Sport XL - 225/40.0/R18 92 W - c/b/69.0/ dB - Summer Tires @ Amazon

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price per 1 unit

The unique rubber compound enriched with silica added in the tread pattern guarantees a perfect grip on the water. Four grooves provide safety at high speeds, perfect grip and precise response to steering. Asymmetrical design ensures low acoustic noise and high Mileage. The unique tread compound using carbon black (soot) on the molecular level ensures high resistance and elasticity of the tire. The innovative design solutions and technology of summer tires Sport provide precise Control over the car and high maneuverability, short braking distances and maximum contact with the ground on hot summer days, as well as sudden rains. It offer pure driving enjoyment, feeling of security at high speed. Four wide central grooves enhance high water drainage from the central part of the tread and thereby minimize the risk of aquaplaning. Solid tread blocks on the shoulder ensure that the tire isn't deformed even at high speeds and even in sudden changes of direction.
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This looks like the regular price for cheap tyres that a responsible driver would probably not fit. I suppose there would be a fitting and balancing cost as well, so why is it a hot deal?
"perfect grip on the water" for under £40............ It's a no from me lol

"perfect grip on the water" for under £40............ It's a no from me lol

Yes, I was thinking of putting some on my jet ski!
yokohama for me thx
You spend thousands on a car, and wanna cover the wheels in this faeces? !!!!
As above, the one part of your car that keeps you in contact with the road isn't something to be cheaping out on.

Uniroyal Rainsports are my goto
Tomket has just started up in business in 2017 . There owner says this taken from their website

TOMKET is a brand new high performance tire for drivers requiring the best ratio between quality and price of the tire. For drivers who do not want to compromise between safety and performance tires. For drivers who do not primarily about sonorous name on the sidewall of tires, but reliable performance in real, everyday operation.

Standing behind the TOMKET brand is Czech leader in tire sales, e-commerce cheapest tires together with its technological and manufacturing partners in Europe and Asia.

For satisfied drivers„A satisfied and loyal customer, is a meta, which we in the cheapest TIRE seek from the beggining. Most drivers want a very good quality while addressing cost. Not everyone needs or can afford a premium brand. Therefore, in recent years we, together with our technology and manufacturing partners have worked to develop a new brand of tires for which the customer will not pay for the glorious history behind an oversized marketing or business logistics. Thanks to modern technology, economic production and distribution possibilities of our e-shop, we were able to push all external costs to a minimum. And now cashing our customers. I believe that with TOMKETs they will be satisfied."

Radek Grill, owner in Nejlevnější PNEU

Here's the chap himself

Tyres are the only thing in contact with the road.... That's a good thing right? Never really understood that argument.

Part of my front bumper comes into contact with the road sometimes.

As with all things that appear cheap, you pays your money and take your chance. Research shows that this isn't a brand who don't know what they are doing. Kinda like buying an EVGA power supply that has been manufactured by seasonic, you just have to do some research.

If this is all you can afford, it's better than having illegal tyres.
steluca51 h, 4 m ago

.If this is all you can afford, it's better than having illegal tyres.

Good point
31881845-muSNC.jpgSay no more!
Tunner6 h, 8 m ago

Start here for assessing tyre …Start here for assessing tyre choice.

Even better if you start here Reviews are from actual users rather than a magazine funded by, amongst others, tyre manufacturer advertising.
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