Tommee tippe babyfood blender only £3.75 instore at Asda

Tommee tippe babyfood blender only £3.75 instore at Asda

Found 20th May 2012
I popped into asda today and needed to get some baby items and happened to find a Tommee Tippee baby food blender for £3.75! It's probably what's left over from the baby event but if you can find one like I did then you have a bargain!!
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Thanks for posting, chazfair.
It looks like Asda have discontinued , so are selling off cheaply.
Reviews are very good, so well worth keeping an eye out!!
thanks for posting!!!
I'll need to look out for this as I have six week old and am not going to find it that cheap when I need it. Thanks for posting
Save your money, this is a big fail, like most of Tommee Tippe products.
I bought this for £15 from Tesco.
- It is really bad designed, the blade spins on a plastic part that wears off within days.
- It does not even blend, it leaves big chunks, so not ideal for weaning at all. Please don't use it for children unde 2 years.
- It's so noisy, louder than a road breaker, you can't believe a small item lik this is that loud, it will wake up your baby, and if they are awake it will scare the hell out of them.
heat added:D
These look EXACTLY like the Kenwood mini choppers barring the colour scheme.
I bet if you had the inclination the metal blade from the Kenwood would fit this.
'Please don't use it for children unde 2 years.'

2 years! My little one was eating chicken legs and corn cobs at 7 months!

I wouldn't buy one, but only because:
A) everything I've ever bought by tommee tippe has been pants, and
B) there's no need to puree food for weaning (google baby lad weaning- its the future.... And the past strangely enough!)
Where did you find these they £15 in mine, waitin on them coming back in stock can anyone get one if i pay postage
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