Tommee Tippee Bottles £5.49p usually £10.99. TESCO's

Tommee Tippee Bottles £5.49p usually £10.99. TESCO's

Found 17th Aug 2009
just got myself one tommee tippee steam sterliser £19.99
tommee tippee feeding bottles (3 pack) 260ml each. for £5.49, brought 2 packs.

not only that i used £15 worth of clubcard vouchers because they do a double points promotion at the moment. so my £15 vouchers were worth £30

so all in all i only had to pay 97p

Bargain if you ask me.

how do you unload a image>?

they also had stuff like tommee tippee manual breast pump for half price: it was around £12 i think. had a quick glance. had loads of other baby stuff that was on sale.

they also had loads of philips avent products too but i went for the tommee tippee because on box says its won several awards for best mother and baby product.

1st post so dont really know how this works. also i have pic of products on my phone, got reciept as well but no time to upload.
if you want proof ill upload images tomorrow as there on my phone.

think sales ends in september too


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i got picture on my phone and n my computer but its sayin i need a url. so looks like i cant upload them


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I have changed the merchant to Tesco. Tommee Tippee is the manufacturer.
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They are well worth taking a look at.
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oppps, sorry. well at least got the baby bottles for £5.49p
ill upload the picture for it now

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opps, sorry. well at least got bottles for £5.49p…8/3


You might want to edit your post, to remove the duplicate part of it as pointed out by anthony712; otherwise your post will be removed.
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still dont know how to upload images read through the guide and it says use but when i add image and copy the url to it it says file must be a jpg, png, etc.
why cant you just uload a picture by browsing to your computer

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ok just put it in direct link but its not working

I switched from these bottles to the Philips Avent ones because Tommee Tippee have stopped printing the measurements on the bottles (just embossed measurements now) since they changed them to BPA free bottles. It means you can barely read the measurements when you're filling the bottle - nightmare!

Also, my little one didn't get on too well with the teats - they kept going in to the bottle which he got quite frustrated with. The Avent teats are a bit firmer and he's much happier and isn't suffering with as much colic now.
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